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71 Pages | 18 Exhibits | 2019 Analysis | Forecasts Through 2023
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This report includes: an overview of hearing loss, cochlear implant technology, competition, trends, and market analysis. Market analysis includes 5-year market forecast by region, market drivers/limiters, global market share and market share by region.


  • The cochlear implants market is substantial, totaling nearly $1.2bn in 2018 and forecast to grow at a healthy rate of 8%-10%.
  • The market is dominated by Cochlear Ltd., yet a handful of other innovative companies, such as Advanced Bionics/Sonova, MED-EL and smaller emerging startups, are successfully competing.
  • Sales are strongest in Western Europe and the US, although companies are also expanding markets in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and other regions.
  • A major market driver is expansion of the target population from children to the larger adult/senior market. Additional drivers include: strong clinical history, increasing awareness, good reimbursement coverage (compared to no coverage for hearing aids), technological enhancements, wireless connectivity and strong audiology practice referral networks.



  • What is the value of the global cochlear implants market?
  • Expected growth over the next 5 years?
  • Market growth by major region of the world (US, 5EU, Japan, and RoW)?
  • Key market drivers & limiters?
  • Technological innovations & trends?
  • Leading competitors? Estimated market share and strategic growth strategies?
  • Emerging start-ups?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 

i. Hearing loss prevalence
ii. Cochlear implant technology 
iii. Cochlear implants market 
a. Market drivers and limiters
b. Competition - market leaders 
iv. Methodology 
v. Bibliography

Exhibit ES-1: Cochlear implants market forecast ($m), 2018-23 

1. Overview of Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants
1.1 Ear anatomy and the hearing process
1.2 Prevalence 
1.3 Types of hearing loss
1.4 Causes
1.5 Diagnosis and treatment
1.6 Cochlear implant overview 
1.7 Cochlear implants vs bone conduction implants
1.8 Implantation procedure
1.9 Benefits and risks
1.9.1 Surgical complications 
1.10 Healthcare costs and impact 
1.11 Bibliography

Exhibit 1-1: Human ear anatomy 
Exhibit 1-2: Diagram of cochlear implant
Exhibit 1-3: Cochlear Ltd.'s electrode insertion into the "hearing zone"

2. Cochlear implants

2.1 Cochlear implants 
2.1.1 Advanced Bionics/Sonova Group
2.1.2 Cochlear Ltd. 
2.1.3 MED-EL
2.1.4 Nurotron Biotechnology 
2.1.5 Oticon Medical/William Demant Group 
2.2 Bibliography 

Exhibit 2-1: Selected leading cochlear implant brands, by manufacturer 
Exhibit 2-2: Selected cochlear implant and features
Exhibit 2-3: The HiRes Ultra Cochlear Implant and internal components
Exhibit 2-4: The HiRes Ultra 3D Implant
Exhibit 2-5: The Cochlear Nucleus CI24RE and Nucleus Profile Implants and 22 active electrodes 
Exhibit 2-6: The Nucleus 7 and Kanso sound processors and Nucleus cochlear implant 
Exhibit 2-7: The Earlens hearing aid
Exhibit 2-8: The SYNCHRONY cochlear implant system 
Exhibit 2-9: The Venus Cochlear Implant System 
Exhibit 2-10: The Neuro Zti cochlear implant 

3. Market Analysis

3.1 Cochlear implants market
3.1.1 Market forecast: global
3.1.2 Market drivers and limiters
3.1.3 Market forecast: by region
3.1.4 US market
3.1.5 Five major EU markets
3.1.6 Japanese market 
3.1.7 Rest of the world market 
3.2 Competitive analysis
3.2.1 Market share: global
3.2.2 Market share: by region
3.3 Financials and corporate growth strategies
3.3.1 Cochlear Ltd.
3.3.2 Advanced Bionics/Sonova Group
3.3.3 Oticon Medical/William Demant Group 
3.4 Bibliography 

Exhibit 3-1: Cochlear implants market forecast ($m), 2018-23
Exhibit 3-2: Cochlear implants market, forecast sales by region ($m), 2018-23 
Exhibit 3-3: Cochlear implants market, global share by supplier ($m), 2018 
Exhibit 3-4: Cochlear implants market, estimated share by supplier and region, 2018

Appendix A: company listing 

Companies Covered

Advanced Bionics
Alfred Mann Foundation
Cochlear Ltd.
Medtronic PLC
Nurotron Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Oticon Medical
Sonova Group
William Demant Holding