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Event Agenda


March 20, 2023

Pre-Event Day

10:00 am-4:00 pm

  • Registration

5:00-8:30 pm

Join us for a pre-event reception hosted by LSI at Botanical Lawn North overlooking the Monarch Links Golf Course on the Pacific Ocean.

You can walk to Botanical Lawn or catch a tram at valet.

  • Pre-Event Reception (5:00-8:30 pm)
  • Cocktails (5:00-6:30 pm)
  • Dinner & Networking (6:30-8:30 pm)

March 21, 2023

8:00 am-5:00 pm

  • Private Partnering Meetings

6:00-6:45 am

  • Yoga - in the Yoga Studio

6:30-7:50 am

  • Registration
  • MedtechWomen Sponsored Networking Breakfast

7:50-8:00 am

  • Event Logistics

8:00-8:10 am

  • Opening Remarks

8:10-8:50 am

  • Roundtable Keynote: A View from All Sides of the Medtech Innovation Table

A lively discussion to explore lessons learned and opportunities ahead.

8:50-8:55 am

Track 1

blake matrone

Blake Matrone, Marketing Manager, LSI (Session Leader)

Track 2


Kelly Williams, Vice President of Business Development, LSI (Session Leader)

Track 3

mike 3

Michael Pulice, Director of Business Development, LSI (Session Leader)

8:55-9:04 am


Jean-Luc Boulnois, CEO, FineHeart

Richard Hanbury

Richard Hanbury, CEO, Sana Health

Amit Vohra

Amit Vohra, President & CEO, Promaxo

9:05-9:14 am


Vikash Goel, CTO, Centerline Biomedical

James Biggins

James Biggins, CEO, Access Vascular

Bryce Klontz

Bryce Klontz, CEO, New View Surgical

9:15-9:24 am

Iwan van Vijfeijken

Iwan van Vijfeijken, CEO, Pulsify Medical


Peter Kassel, CEO, HealthySole


Bryan Lord, CEO, Pristine Surgical

9:25-9:34 am

William Altman

William Altman, CEO, CorInnova

Stuart Mitchell

Stuart Mitchell, Founder/CEO, Novuson

Karen Holzberger

Karen Holzberger, President & CEO, SpinTech MRI

9:35-9:44 am

Ken Coffey

Ken Coffey, CEO, Atrian Medical

Claude Nogard

Claude Nogard, CEO, ErgoSuture

Randy AuCoin

Randy AuCoin, President & CEO, Exact Imaging

9:45-9:54 am

James Blackledge - Capella

James Blackledge, President, Capella Imaging

Bill Perry

Bill Perry, CEO, Deep Blue Medical Advances

Patrick Treacy

Patrick Treacy, CEO, Onkos Surgical

9:55-10:04 am


Dan Rose, CEO, LimFlow

Chris Richardson - SafeHeal

Chris Richardson, CEO, SafeHeal


John von Benecke, CEO, Locate Bio

10:05-10:14 am

Joseph Rafferty

Joseph Rafferty, CEO, Vesteck

Rose Monaghan

Rose Monaghan, CEO & Co-founder, Frond Medical


Ju Zhang, CEO, Formus Labs

10:15-10:20 am

Track 1

Amanda briosce

Amanda Briscoe, SVP, Business Development, Veranex (Session Leader)

Track 2

Session Leader

Track 3


Ryan McGuinness, Commercial GM, Triple Ring (Session Leader)

10:20-10:29 am


Stephen Cox, CEO, InVera Medical

Brian Murray - Medality Medical

Brian Murray, CEO, Medality

Joseph McGinley

Joseph McGinley, Founder & CEO, McGinley Orthopedics

10:30-10:39 am


Mehran Khorsandi, Chairman & CEO, Advanced Bifurcation Systems

Jonathan Berent

Jonathan Berent, CEO, Founder, NextSense


Zygmunt Porada, CEO, DirectSync Surgical

10:40-10:49 am

John McDermott

John McDermott, CEO, Vascular Therapies

Attila Borbath

Attila Borbath, CEO, Synergia Medical

Dushyanth Surakanti

Dushyanth Surakanti, CEO, Sparta Biomedical

10:50-10:59 am

Nelson Patterson

Nelson Patterson, CEO, Anavasi Diagnostics

John Wong

John Wong, CEO, Fluid Biomed

Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O'Donnell, President & CEO, Nanohive Medical

11:00-11:09 am

Steven Burden

Steven Burden, CEO, Facible Biodiagnostics


Manfred Franke, Founder & CEO, Neuronoff

Thorsten Waloschek

Thorsten Waloschek, CEO, NeoPredix

11:10-11:15 am

Track 1

alyssa howard

Alyssa Howard, Vice President, Business Development, MCRA (Session Leader)

Track 2

Ben Trombold

Ben Trombold, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Velentium (Session Leader)

Track 3

Kennedy Gennari

Kennedy Gennari, Senior Manager, Field & Partner Marketing, Greenlight Guru (Session Leader)

11:15-11:24 am

David Narrow

David Narrow, CEO, Sonavex

Ray Liu

Ray Liu, Co-Founder, CEO, Vena Vitals


Bryn Davies, Chief of Strategic Execution, Proximie

11:25-11:34 am

Nikhil Shah

Nikhil Shah, CEO & Co-Founder, Nephrodite

Charles Allan

Charles Allan, CEO, MY01

Ashissh Raichura

Ashissh Raichura, Founder/CEO, Scanbo

11:35-11:44 am

Osman Khawar

Osman Khawar, CEO, Diality

Peter Bloch

Peter Bloch, CEO, BresoTEC

Sergio Aguirre

Sergio Aguirre, Founder & CEO, echopixel

11:45-11:54 am

Victor Gura

Victor Gura, CEO, Wearable Artificial Organs

Joe Urban

Joe Urban, CEO, Potrero Medical

Shahram Sharif

Shahram Sharif, CEO, Liva Healthcare

12:00-2:00 pm

  • Networking Lunch

12:45-1:25 pm

  • Investor Panel - TBA

1:30-2:10 pm

  • Strategic Panel - TBA

2:15-2:55 pm

  • Innovation Panel - TBA

2:55-3:00 pm

Track 1

roger anderson

Roger Anderson, Managing Director, BioQuest/Diversified Search (Session Leader)

Track 2

Sabing Lee - Knobbe Martens

Sabing Lee, Partner, Knobbe Martens (Session Leader)

Track 3

darwin shurig

Darwin Shurig, CEO, Shurig Solutions (Session Leader)

3:00-3:09 pm


Cary Vance, President & CEO, Titan Medical

David Giarracco

David Giarracco, CEO, Noninvasix

Cristian Atria

Cristian Atria, Founder & CEO, nView Medical

3:10-3:19 pm


Bruce Lichorowic, President & CEO, Galen Robotics

Brian Kannard

Brian Kannard, CEO, PercuSense

Susan Wood 2

Susan Wood, CEO, VIDA

3:20-3:29 pm

Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro

Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro, CEO, Levita Magnetics

Marc Zemel

Marc Zemel, CEO, Retia Medical

Danny Goel

Danny Goel, CEO, PrecisionOS

3:30-3:39 pm


Christopher Prentice, CEO, Harmonic Bionics


Andrew Maxwell, Chairman, Cyban


Tobias Lindig, Managing Director, AIRAmed

3:40-3:49 pm

Adam Sachs

Adam Sachs, CEO, Vicarious Surgical

James Carpenter

Dr. James Carpenter, CEO, SurePulse


Yongsun Lee, CSO, S-Alpha Therapeutics

3:50-3:59 pm

John Ma - Ronovo

John Ma, CEO, Ronovo Surgical

Jeff Pompeo

Jeff Pompeo, President & CEO, Caretaker Medical

Matthieu De Beule

Matthieu De Beule, CEO, Feops

4:00-4:05 pm

Track 1

Omar Khateeb

Omar Khateeb, Founder, Khateeb & CO. (Session Leader)

Track 2

James Welch

Jim Welch, Partner, Ernst & Young (Session Leader)

Track 3 

Session Leader

4:05-4:14 pm

torrey smith

Torrey Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, Endiatx

Lloyd Diamond

Lloyd Diamond, CEO, Pixium Vision


Thomas Nichols, President, Pretika MedTech

4:15-4:24 pm


Clay Nolan, CEO, CoLabs


Adam Szaronos, CEO, Trukera Medical


Dr. Margaret Kalmeta, Founder & CEO, Rapid Nexus

4:25-4:34 pm


Hamed Hanafi, President & CEO, NovaResp Technologies


Almog Aley-Raz, CEO & VP R&D, Corneat Vision


Andrew Cameron, CEO, FeelTect

4:35-4:44 pm


Maria Artunduaga, Founder & CEO, Samay

Laurence Marsteller

Laurence Marsteller, CEO, Radiance Therapeutics

John Chi

John Chi, CEO, Synova Life Sciences

4:45-4:54 pm

David Webster

David Webster, CEO, Body Vision

Rui Jing Jiang

Rui Jing Jiang, CEO, Avisi Technologies


Ahmed Zobi, CEO, Syntr Health Technologies

4:55-5:04 pm

Mike Tozzi - TAS

Mike Tozzi, President & CEO, TAS Medical


Savas Komban, CEO, Smartlens

Leo Mavely

Leo Mavely, President & CEO, Advamedica

5:05-5:45 pm

  • Investor Panel - TBA

6:00-9:00 pm

  • Networking, Welcome Reception & Dinner
  • Dinner (6:00-8:00 pm)

March 22, 2023

8:00 am-5:00 pm

  • Private Partnering Meetings

6:00-6:45 am

  • Yoga - in the Yoga Studio

6:30-8:00 am

  • Registration
  • Networking Breakfast

8:00-8:05 am

  • Welcome & Opening Comments from Emerging Medtech Summit Hosts

8:05-8:45 am

  • Strategic Panel - TBA

8:45-8:50 am

Track 1

Mohammad kondri

Mohammad Kondri, Commissioner of Life Sciences Industry, Consulate General of Canada, LA (Session Leader)

Track 2

Bennie Lewis-Assurance Dimensions

Bennie Lewis, President, Assurance Dimensions (Session Leader)

Track 3

Lynn Carney

Lynn Carney, Manager, Business Development and Marketing, Medmarc (Session Leader)

8:50-8:59 am

Randy Preston

Randy Preston, Chief Business Officer, Centese

Sam Owen

Sam Owen, CEO, Otolith


Kate Dilligan, CEO, Cooler Heads

9:00-9:09 am

John Ashley

John Ashley, CEO, DurVena

Aswin Gunasekar

Aswin Gunasekar, CEO, Zeto

Sanjay Arora

Sanjay Arora, CEO, IntraOp Medical

9:10-9:19 am

2587061_original (1)

Filip Peters, CEO, Acorai

headshot square

Caitlin Morse, CEO, BrainSpace


Alexander Zinke, CEO, Lumeda

9:20-9:29 am


Finbar Dolan, CEO, Versono Medical

Bob Radie

Bob Radie, Chairman & CEO, Neuraptive

Matthew Liekens - GT MedTech

Matthew Likens, President & CEO, GT Medical Technologies

9:30-9:39 am

Manny Villafaña, PhD, Sc

Manny Villafana, CEO, Medical 21


Thilo Hoelscher, CEO, BURL Concepts

Len Pagliaro

Len Pagliaro, CEO, Siva Therapeutics

9:40-9:49 am


David Neale, CEO & co-founder, Arga Medtech


Carolina Aguilar, CEO, INBRAIN Neuroelectronics


Ilan Uchitel, CEO, CAPS Medical

9:50-9:59 am

Professor T. Alexander

Professor T. Alexander, Co-Founder, PICS Therapeutics


Yvonne Bokelman, CEO, Alyve Medical

Jeff Amacker

Jeff Amacker, CEO, TibaRay

10:00-10:09 am

Bradley Beach - Covellus

Bradley Beach, Founder & CEO, Covellus


Will Martin, President & CEO, IRRAS

dr-declan-soden (1)

Declan Soden, CEO, Mirai Medical

10:10-10:15 am

Track 1

nick talamantes

Nick Talamantes, Director of Market Intelligence, LSI (Session Leader)

Track 2

tyler burch

Tyler Burch, Marketing Manager, LSI (Session Leader)

Track 3

blake matrone

Blake Matrone, Marketing Manager, LSI (Session Leader)

10:15-10:24 am

Paul Mead - Corflow

Paul G. Mead, CEO, CorFlow


Ryan Myers, President & CEO, CranioSense

Kevin Hershberger

Kevin Hershberger, President & CEO, Lumicell Diagnostics

10:25-10:34 am

Tyler Melton - Corveus Medical

Tyler Melton, CEO, Corveus Medical


Richard Hughen, CEO, Linshom Medical


David Danielsen, CEO, CairnSurgical

10:35-10:44 am

Clementine Gibard Bohachek

Clementine Gibard Bohachek, CSO, Facible BioDiagnostics


Aimee Garza, CEO, CoraVie Medical

Dr. Ziad George

Dr. Ziad George, Executive Director, MedOnect

10:45-10:54 am

Jong Lee

Jong Lee, CEO & Cofounder, Day Zero Diagnostics

Peter Vranes

Peter Vranes, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Nutromics

Alan Lucas

Alan Lucas, CEO, Navigation Sciences

10:55-11:04 am


Tim Spong, CEO, Vistapath Biosystems

David Kuraguntla

David Kuraguntla, CEO, Alio

John Timberlake

John Timberlake, President & CEO, Berkshire Biomedical

11:05-11:10 am

Track 1

Roger Brooks photo

Roger Brooks, President & CEO, RBrooks (Session Leader)

Track 2

Matthew McNally

Matthew McNally, Managing Partner, Evolved Tax (Session Leader)

Track 3


Amr Salahieh, CEO, Shifamed (Session Leader)

11:10-11:19 am


Benjamin Holmes

Benjamin Holmes, CEO, Nanochon



Juan C. Jimenez, Co-Founder & CEO, AccurKardia



Maureen Brown, CEO & CO-Founder, Mosie Baby

11:20-11:29 am



Sujit Dike, CEO, Gyder Surgical


Joe Eibl

Joe Eibl, CEO, Flosonics Medical



Patrick Anquetil, CEO, Portal Instruments

11:30-11:39 am



Jon Greenwald, CEO, Caira Surgical


Colin Mansfield

Colin Mansfield, President & CEO, Allheartz


Marc Giroux

Marc Giroux, CEO, Kurve Therapeutics

11:40-11:49 am



Kambiz Behzadi, President, BMD


Berk Tas

Berk Tas, CEO, SentiAR


Jochen Hampe - ConnCons

Jochen Hampe, CEO, ConnCons

12:00-2:00 pm

  • Networking Lunch

12:45-1:25 pm

  • Innovation Panel - TBA

1:30-2:10 pm

  • Investor Panel - TBA

2:10-2:50 pm

  • Strategic Panel - TBA

2:50-2:55 pm

Track 1

Session Leader

Track 2

Kwame Ulmer

Kwame Ulmer, Founder & Executive Director, Medtech Color (Session Leader)

Track 3

Amanda DePalma

Amanda DePalma, Vice President of Marketing, Fujifilm Sonosite, MedtechWomen (Session Leader)

2:55-3:04 pm

John Barrett

John Barrett, CEO, ZKR Orthopedics


Daniel Adler, CEO, BioT Medical


Marc Curial, CEO, MACH32

3:05-3:14 pm


Mark Novotny, President, Spinal Stabilization Technologies

Richard Vincent

Richard Vincent, Founder & CEO, FundamentalVR


Mara McFadden, CEO, Endolumik

3:15-3:24 pm


Ofer Levy, CEO, ZygoFix


Elliot Street, CEO, Inovus Medical

Lloyd Mencinger

Lloyd Mencinger, President & CEO, Aqua Medical

3:25-3:34 pm


Christine Horton, CEO, Visura

Andrew McDaid

Andrew McDaid, Founder & CEO, OPUM Technologies

Reinhard Krickl

Reinhard Krickl, CEO, Phagenesis

3:35-3:44 pm


Devon Bream, CEO, Endoluxe


Gustavo De Greiff, CEO, Kneevoice

James Lancaster

James Lancaster, CEO, Solenic Medical

3:45-3:54 pm

James Hugg

James Hugg, CEO, SmartBreast


Tamir Wolf, CEO, Theator

Craig Misrach

Craig Misrach, President & CEO, UpLyft

3:55-4:00 pm

Track 1

Bret prayer hands outside copy

Bret Gregory, CEO, DrTalks (Session Leader)

Track 2


Joe Mullings, CEO, The Mullings Group (Session Leader)

Track 3


Brent Reinke, Shareholder, Stradling (Session Leader)

4:00-4:09 pm


Mark Evans, CEO, Adaptix

Dr. Kelley Mondesiré

Dr. Kelley Mondesire, COO & SVP - Healthcare, Telemeet


Howard Leonhardt, Executive Chairman & CEO, Leonhardt Ventures

4:10-4:19 pm


Thomas Ramsay, CEO, Imago Systems


Randy Moore, Chief Medical Officer, ViTAA Medical Solutions


Tim Miller, CEO, Stimdia Medical

4:20-4:29 pm


Karen Cross, CEO, MIMOSA Diagnostics


Dipu Ghosh, CEO, Hepatiq


Martin Witte, Senior Director of Strategic Business Development, TUV SUD

4:30-4:39 pm

Claude Cohen-Bacrie

Claude Cohen-Bacrie, Founder & CEO, e-Scopics


Simon Sonntag, CEO, Virtonomy


Dawn Bitz, President, Lazzaro Medical

4:40-4:49 pm

Randall Whiting

Randall Whiting, Chief Operating Officer / Member BOD, Cephasonics Ultrasound Solutions


Sandeep Chauhan, CEO & Co-Founder, Definition Health

Nick Delmonico

Nick Delmonico, President & CEO, Strados Labs

4:50-4:59 pm


Dr. Adarsh M Patil, Founder & Inventor, OUI Medical


Israel Gasperin, Founder & CEO, Zentrela


Mark Mathis, CEO, Free Flow Medical

5:00-5:40 pm

  • Innovation Panel - TBA

6:00-9:00 pm

  • Networking, Dinner Reception
  • Dinner (6:00-8:00 pm)

March 23, 2023

8:00 am-5:00 pm

  • Private Partnering Meetings

6:00-6:45 am

  • Yoga - in the Yoga Studio

7:00-8:00 am

  • Networking Breakfast

8:05-8:45 am

  • Investor Panel - TBA

8:45-8:50 am

Track 1

Session Leader

Track 2

Session Leader

Track 3

Session Leader

8:50-8:59 am


John Murphy, CEO, Virtual Incision

Boaz Assaf

Boaz Assaf, CEO, Colospan

christian-headshot (1)

Christian Haller, CEO & Co-Founder, CORIT Medical

9:00-9:09 am


Stuart Simpson, CEO, THINK Surgical

Tim Moran

Tim Moran, CEO, Motus GI

Deanne McCarthy headshot

Deanne McCarthy, CEO/Founder, Swiftsure

9:10-9:19 am


Edvardas Satkauskas, CEO, Sentante / Inovatyvi Medicina


Brian Tinkham, CEO, GI Windows Surgical

Phil Smith - 4D Biomaterials

Phil Smith, CEO, 4D Biomaterials

9:20-9:29 am

Anthony Ruben

Anthony Ruben, CEO, Blue Halo BioMedical


Robin Shandas, CEO, EnteroTrack

Liz Williams Hemideina

Liz Williams, CEO & Co-Founder, Hemideina

9:30-9:39 am


Neal Lonky, CEO, Histologics


Thierry Thaure, CEO & Co-Founder, GT Metabolic Solutions

Lawrence Obstfeld - Image Navigation

Lawrence Obstfeld, CEO, Image Navigation

9:40-9:49 am


Jennifer Hintzsche, CEO, PherDal Fertility Science


Mark Rentschler, Co-Founder & CEO, Aspero Medical

Nima Ziraknejad - NZ Tech

Nima Ziraknejad, Founder & CEO, NZ Technologies

9:50-10:30 am

  • Strategic Panel - TBA

10:30-10:35 am

Track 1

mike 3

Michael Pulice, Director of Business Development, LSI (Session Leader)

Track 2


Kelly Williams, Vice President of Business Development, LSI (Session Leader)

Track 3

Session Leader

10:35-10:44 am


Melanie Santos, CMO, Cern

Leah Brownlee - Lazurite

Leah Brownlee, President, Lazurite

Riam Shammaa

Dr. Riam Shammaa, CEO, Pallianera Pharma

10:45-10:54 am


Mark Forchette, President & CEO, Delphinus Medical Technologies

Will Mauldin - Rivanna Medical

Will Mauldin, Chairman& CEO, Rivanna Medical


Gordon Nye

Gordon Nye, CEO, ClearIT

10:55-11:04 am

Joanne Rupprecht

Joanne Rupprecht, CEO, Flourish Medical

Thomas Looby

Thomas Looby, CEO, Conavi Medical

Lode Debrabandere

Lode Debrabandere, CEO, Amynas

11:05-11:14 am

Anath Ravi

Ananth Ravi, President, CEO & Co-Founder, MOLLI Surgical


John Simpson, Chairman & CEO, Simpson Interventions

Julius Heil - Intalere - 1

Julius Heil, CEO, Sterile Processing Express

11:15-11:24 am

michael phillips

Michael Phillips, Co-Founder & CEO, Vena Medical

Anthony DePasqua - EnClear

Anthony DePasqua, CEO, EnClear Therapies

naman dema

Naman Demaghlatrous, President, CEO & Board Member, MedX

11:25 am-12:05 pm

  • Innovation Panel - TBA

12:00-2:00 pm

  • Networking Lunch

12:45-1:25 pm

  • Investor Panel - TBA

1:30-2:10 pm

  • Strategic Panel - TBA

2:05-2:10 pm

Track 1

Session Leader

Track 2

Session Leader

Track 3

Session Leader

2:10-2:19 pm


Michael Whitman, CEO, Micro Interventional Devices

Tim Keane

Tim Keane, Co-Founder & CEO, TYBR Health


Marco Pisano

Marco Pisano, Co-Founder & CEO, Lymphatica Medtech

2:20-2:29 pm

Amir Danino 2

Amir Danino, Founder & CEO, INNOVENTRIC

Dan Deardorf

Dan Deardorf, CEO, Glycologix

lynne lim

Dr. Lynne Lim, Founder & CEO, NousQ

2:30-2:39 pm

Jeffrey Vaitekunas

Jeff Vaitekunas, CEO, WaveClear


Eli Thomssen, President & CEO, Adlore

Kenneth Paulus

Kenneth Paulus, Founder & CEO, REACT Innovations

2:40-2:49 pm

Myles Greenberg

Myles Greenberg, President & CEO, Alucent Biomedical

DSC_2638 square

Bill Colone, CEO, SinglePass


Jagi Gill, Founder & CEO, Pontix Medical

2:50-2:59 pm

kirt gill

Kirt Gill, Co-Founder & CEO, NeuraStasis

Steven Lin

Steven Lin, Senior Advisor, Biogend


Colin Kealey - NeuroSigma

Colin Kealey, President & CEO, NeuroSigma

3:00-3:09 pm

stephane piat 2

Stephane Piat, CEO, Carmat

gregory grover

Gregory Grover, CEO, Co-Inventor, & Co-Founder, Karios Technologies

ken mariash

Ken Mariash, CEO, Sinaptica Therapeutics

3:10-3:19 pm

Robert Isaacs - TrackX

Robert Isaacs, CEO & Founder, TrackX Technology


Christian Freudiger, VP Research & Development & Co-Founder, Invenio Imaging

richard foust 2

Richard Foust, CEO, MicroTransponder

3:20-3:29 pm

Florian Coppers

Florian Coppers, Co-Founder & CEO, Medical Magnesium

Mohan Frick

Mohan Frick, CEO, ChemoTech


Sharief Taraman, CEO, Cognoa

3:30-3:35 pm

Track 1

Session Leader

Track 2

Session Leader

Track 3

Session Leader

3:35-3:44 pm

Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner, Co-Founder & CEO, NSite Medical

Mike Kujak - Francis Medical

Mike Kujak, CEO & President, Francis Medical