Emerging Medtech Summit – 80 Venture Funded Startups Raising Nearly $1B in Capital – Spotlight on Neurostimulation Companies

Published on Jul 18, 2019

Emerging Medtech Summit Medical Device Investors Startups and Strategics Partner and Make Deals

Technological advances in neurostimulation products are helping more people regain control of their lives from debilitating neurological disorders. Growth in the multibillion dollar neurostimulation market is showing no signs of slowing down as these devices become more accessible to the millions of people affected by neurological disorders. Significant fundraising and investment in the R&D of novel neurostimulation technologies lends additional evidence to the massive growth that this market is capable of in the future. A severely underserved population of patients with a myriad of difficult to treat disorders means there is an urgent need for novel solutions that provide therapeutic relief for chronic neurological conditions.

Today there are many types of neurostimulation devices for the treatment of neurological disorders. Types of neurostimulation devices range from implantable nerve stimulators (eg spinal cord stimulators), neuroprosthetics (eg cochlear implants), and wearable neurostimulation devices.

This year 100 venture funded medtech startups will gather at the Emerging Medtech Summit to share their investment and strategic partnering needs with an audience of active investors and strategic buyers (companies like Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott, amongst others).  Several companies that will be presenting are developing innovations in this hot neurostimulation space.  A few companies worth noting are listed below.

Human brain inside a head made in 3d over a blue background

Articulate Labs is developing KneeStim™ for patients undergoing knee rehabilitation. The wearable brace provides personalized stimulation to assist in the strengthening of the quadriceps and improve mobility in patients recovering from knee replacement or osteoarthritis of the knee.

Tivic Health Systems recently obtained FDA 510(k) clearance for its ClearUP™ bioelectronic treatment for sinus pain caused by allergic rhinitis. The hand-held device emits microcurrent waveforms to underlying sinus nerve fibers to provide relief from allergy-related sinus pain.

The team over at EPIC Neuro is developing the EPIC Stimulator, a tiny, leadless, configurable neurostimulator to enhance cognitive and muscle training in recovering stroke victims. The device is simple to implant and easily removed following the completion of stroke rehabilitation.

 StimGuard is investigating its novel, injectable sacral nerve stimulator for the treatment of urinary bladder as a result of refractory overactive bladder syndrome. The company is currently enrolling for a head-to-head clinical trial comparing its implantable stimulator to medtech giant Medtronic’s InterStim SNS.

The variety in the types of neurostimulators and the disorders which they are being designed to manage offers great promise for the millions of people whose lives are impacted everyday by these conditions.

 Come learn more about the advances in neurostimulation technology from these companies, and many other medtech innovators at the Emerging Medtech Summit.


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