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Yolia Health | Alberto Osio, CEO


Alberto Osio

Alberto Osio

CEO, Yolia Health
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True Vision Treatment (TVT) is Yolia Health's two step therapeutic process for the treatment of vision problems like presbyopia and myopia.

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Thank you. Thank you for that introduction. Well before the presentation, I want to, I want to make a bet that that everyone that is wearing reading glasses, they just hate them. They want to throw them away. Well, this presentation is going to be of your liking. Our company has developed a platform of treatments that correct visual problems, like presbyopia, the inability to read myopia, hyperopia and others. It's kind of like the Invisalign for the eyes. We use contact lenses and eyedrops to reshape the cornea, and TBT. As we know it is true vision treatment is approved in Mexico. It's first application that one for presbyopia is currently on the market. And it's also available for those that had LASIK in the past and now need reading glasses. So it's available in Mexico and also just recently in in Japan, we hold 56 patents. And the FDA just recently designated us to CDRH, meaning that it's going to be a device led pathway. And we've treated more than 1000 eyes. So for those of you who don't know what presbyopia is, it's a normal light condition that affects everyone over the age of 40. Everyone, there's no escape, and the press biopic population is growing 10 times faster than their pre press biopic population. So how does it work? So the customized contact lenses and the eyedrops are going to reshape the coverage of the cornea, the patient is only going to wear the treatment for only three days. They don't sleep with the contact lenses, it's just a daily treatment. And after the three days over, you stop using the contact lenses, the eye drops and your reading glasses. The effect lasts for 12 months. So it's a very prolonged effect. And it corrects near vision without compromising any distance vision. So this is the actual product that we're prescribing in Mexico. It includes everything the patient needs the contact lenses, the eye drops instructions, the patient pays $1,500 for the eye examination and for the treatment, then every retreatment after that, as long as a contact lenses are in good shape, they pay $120. So it's almost like $10 a month for the rest of the treatments. So the mechanism of action is simple. The eyedrops what they do, they're making the cornea more malleable, the combination of the hyaluronidase and the collagenases. And then the contact lens is gradually reshaping the curvature of the cornea to provide a better power. What better power what do I mean with that is, these are images of a typography of a cornea with using a typographer. And the image in the center, or the image inside the red circle is the end result of the of the cornea. So we're creating paracentral rings in the cornea that allows patients to see well for near intermediate and distance that is a multifocality effect that I was mentioning. These are the results, the results of the last 12 months of our patients in Mexico, I just wanted to point out that we're taking patients that are not able to read children's book, maybe the font size 18 or 20 in your computer, and we're bringing them down to what is equivalent of footnotes and the labels into your medicines or stock quotes. The business model is to train and certify eye care practitioners around the world. So the optometrist, the ophthalmologist so that you can walk in into a LensCrafters provision, or even a Costco and get your vision corrected. Once we trained the the affiliates or the MDs and the ODs, we provide them with the diagnostic fitting set. This is a tool they need to identify which is a ideal contact lens for each patient. And they can prescribe the treatment as fast as 40 minutes. The patient flow is really simple is the same as regular contact lenses, you can walk in Interpro vision LensCrafters. Again, you get your eyes examined to see if they're healthy, to see if you are a candidate and then they fit the contact lenses to see which is the ideal for you. And you can take it home, you can take it to work so you can use it as your daily routine. And then you come back to the clinic when the three days are over.

As for the FDA which has begun in our case, we have been designated to CDRH we are going to have to complete a PMA what is benefit for us is that we can use the Mexican data that we're collecting in Mexico to to accelerate the FDA process. We're going to do a single pivotal study of 300 patients four sites. Currently we're collecting data from Mexico and soon from Japan, working on the CMCs and setting up this the site. This is an exciting slide because I can talk about other vision problems not only presbyopia currently we're working on on others like for myopia and hyperopia and get out Knock on those. And in the near future we're going to work on digital fatigue and myopia progression which is very important for children. Recently Novartis bought a technology that is an IBM technology and that patients can use it to see well for a couple of hours, they have to use these eyedrops for every day for the rest of their lives. Comparing our technology to those of the eyedrops ours is vastly superior, not only because we can correct near vision, but also distance vision. And in addition to that, we can correct presbyopia myopia, and other vision problems. As for the next steps, we're raising our series B, which is going to be invested heavily in the FDA, and also in our commercial expansion, then we're going to use that in combination with our partnerships in Asia to subsidize the the further expansion expansion and FDA approval. As for the team as a small but very capable management team, for example, we have one among the best ophthalmologists in the US among the best ophthalmologists in Mexico. People that have done this many times in the past and obviously nothing Balaji to mention a few, for example, the former chief scientific officer for Bausch + Lomb. And people in the industry of the contact lens industry and thought leaders in in optometry. Thank you very much for your time. If you're interested into learning more about this investment opportunity or you want to go to Mexico and get yourself corrected while you drink a margarita. You're welcome to do that. Thank you

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