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New York Huaqi Bioengineering | Lili Xu, CEO


Lili Xu

Lili Xu

CEO, New York Huaqi Bioengineering
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New York Huaqi Bioengineering is developing products to preserve and enhance the health and functionality of donated human organs.


Lili Xu  0:04  

Good morning everyone. First of all, I want to say thank you Life Ccience Intelligence for me to be here New York fit by NGO Leary was established the empower the seven to eight years ago devoted using organ transplant patients devoted for organ present regime. We now the major to mentor of way preserve lung, heart, kidney over 24 hours sorry, lung, heart, liver for over 24 hours and kidney over 96 hours, you transplant in animals survived as good as control for 96 hours. Why I come to this field, because only 3% of the patient they wanted to have the organ for their lives, but they cannot in China much better USA but also only 30% of the patient can receive their organ. So, many people are waiting for organ, time wire while they are on the waiting list. Currently, over 19% of organ just the seat in the box statically transport header from the wire reading to other reading and organ after taken from the body. They are degrade every minute. There are many solutions to preserve the organ, but they only can provide three to five hours. Hiva, for kidney is lit up the beta but less than 24 hours. That's why USA has 58 for organ procurement organization for heart lungs, the yeast society cannot be transported to the west aside due to the preservation time only very few hours. Here I want to show my team our team the blue one is a typical time for the world, USA, European, Japan and the China the blue one, the maximum one time is from case studies, some organ transplant the center tails all organ we preserve the organ up to 12 hours such what we do here, New York Huaqi Bioengineering is provided a lung, liver heart over 24 hours and the kidney over 96 hours. Now, or verifies 96 hours or verified near the end of the state. I want to simplify the world difference between the US and the major products in the world is for instance, once organ take it out from a body quality this is powder near the 190 then outside of the body that great degraded every minute owning can be crippled as five to six hours, in general. What do we do we keep the organ from beginning to 24 hours no different than from the fresh one. And now for kidneys going ideally or theoretically organ You show the B cube with as long as a single cell that you're in suspension for decades. That's the way we are doing well, the the major difference big because of the ripoff, repurposing injury is very much everywhere every organ, but uh, we eliminated the perverting injury with our products should have less complication for patient because there is no organ titrations caused by sciatica preservation mailing borderlines organs could be used thus we expand the toner poor surgeons can do more operations, donor organs or campaign preserve the human nature for very long time. So, organ distribution can be globally we can improve important organ farm such a way out in the world. So times here those major business model similar to every company does here for consumable and service surveys. So USA has 20 250 transplant centers, each center, each donor should have six positive machine because of two for lungs, one for heart, one for liver and the two for kidneys. The market is a huge, how can we for the not a number of the production, the cost is very much different. For $50, for the organ box, marketplace, a price is a 2000 such and I'm encouraged by the Internet. It he says the pie preservation market is a 10 times over the new new drug discovery up application. It's really encouraging. Well, our competitors are Melling actually over 10 competitors but the common characteristics of them are sin owning can preserve the Olgun for very short periods of time. Here is my background. Fortunately, I graduated from the MD from China, PhD in Sweden, immunology and the training the New York Blood Center and also Columbia University. Finally Arcata policing among centers over medicine such my own my team work is make a sales happy during the Cold Storage. And here is my team. They are looking out for the young people graduate from the top university of the China in order to reduce the cost. My RT is in China. And we call the intellectual properties not merely due to the cost, and we only applied a very small fraction of the technologies, most of them keep the in the company. Key hours might be a team rotating work. Here is a milestone of my company. And the thank you very much our next door if somebody interested, thank you very much


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