LSI is Heading to Europe


Paul Laviolette

Paul Laviolette

Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer, SV Health Investors
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Dale Jones

Dale Jones

Senior Advisor and Former Chief Executive Officer, Diversified Search Group
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LSI is continuing this momentum from LSI USA '22 going forward to our next event, LSI Europe '22. We are excited to bring more brilliant minds together in a new destination.


Paul Laviolette: 0:04

If you look at the last 20, 30, 40 years, Medtech has just continuously expanded as a relatively still, small part of the overall healthcare expenditure, we are, you all are a part of the solution.

Dale Jones: 0:26

What you all are doing really matters. More people today are looking for companies and organizations to join that are bringing immeasurable impact into the marketplace. Passion, and purpose, and mission ring loud for the next generation and ring loud for so many of us who have sang I wanna have an impact on the world. And there's not a single person in here today who is doing what you do in the medtech space that is not having the impact that will transform the world.

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