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Kevin Coker

Kevin Coker

Co-Founder & CEO, Proxima Clinical Research
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Proxima works with emerging medical device companies across all phases of development. As a contract research organization, they organize their team in these distinct areas: regulatory and quality consulting and all-inclusive clinical trial services.


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My name is Kevin Coker, I'm the CEO of Proxima Clinical Research. So I get to tell you a little bit about who approximate is. We are, as I said, a CRO in Houston, Texas. We are headquartered and the largest healthcare center on the planet. We work with companies across 17 countries and across five continents, mostly in the device, diagnostic and digital therapeutics area. We were founded five years ago, we now have about 250 clients and over 100 employees, we just opened an office and Galway Ireland, we have not released that yet. We're actually going to be doing a press release about that. So we will be working with companies, we actually have about 15 companies that we work with in Galway, and we're working with companies in Europe and helping them approach into FDA submissions. Our company really works with mostly emerging companies, companies that oftentimes are looking for their very first dollars. In fact, we have a small med tech accelerator that we help fund companies, we cut a small check of about $50,000 for each of those companies, but we often work with the companies at the very earliest stages when they're trying to seek their very first dollar in, we help with regulatory strategy and consulting at the very beginning. We also help input an install quality systems, and then provide clinical research and clinical trial services. Mostly we work in North America and the United States, Canada and Mexico. But we also have relationships and Europe as well. So we are truly a global CRO that I mentioned, we've got 250 clients across the US and Europe. We work across 25 different treatment indications. And the team that's here today is myself and Isabella Schmidt, who is the director of Regulatory Affairs for us. Isabella is responsible for about 25 breakthrough device designations over the last year. And Chelsea Isaac, you probably got an email from her and she probably bugged you to try to sell some of our services. And so if you'd like to meet any of us, we're certainly here, and I get a chance to brag on Isabella. She recently won a Stevie Award. That's actually a fairly prestigious business award. And we just found out this morning and I was told not to tell anyone we have to embargo that for next month. But I thought what the hell, we'll put it on the slide and brag about Isabella, about we're a company that prides ourselves on our culture and our employees. And we are we were voted the 37th best place to work in healthcare in the United States. And we're a great place to work certified, we really care about our employees and what they do for us. So come say hi to us when you get a chance. And with that said, I will go to our first presenter.


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