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Ilan Uchitel

Ilan Uchitel

CEO, CAPS Medical
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CAPS Medical is developing a solution to treat a wide range of solid tumors using Non-thermal Atmospheric Plasma (NTAP).


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Hello everybody, my name is Ilan Uchitel. I'm the CEO and co founder of CAPS Medical. Thank you for the opportunity to present the company and the amazing technology behind it, which we believe will be changing the way so tumors are treated in the future. So cancer claims more than nine and a half million lives every year. The existing cancer therapies are striving to maximize damage to the tumor while preserving the healthy tissue surrounding it. However, in most cases, the vital tissue surrounding the tumor is being damaged, especially in internal organs. It cuts medical, we have developed a technology which specifically selectively and precisely target the tumor, while completely preserving the healthy tissue surrounding it. So many, many basic procedures and by that we're avoiding many of the life altering side effects of the existing therapies. Our proprietary twiddling this cold and up and is based on non thermal atmospheric plasma, which is a stream of an ionized gas which is delivered at room temperature directly to the chamber. So it doesn't cause any kind of thermal or other damage to the surrounding tissue. It generates reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, which are known to selectively induce stress to cancer cells inducing their cell death by apoptosis. Based on line trigger triggers a cascade effect in which immune system attacks similar cancer cells in the surrounding area and deep inside the tissue. The ability of non thermal plasmas has been demonstrated to be an effective cancer therapy for the past 15 years. The problem is that the high energy requirements result in the existing devices today being just too large to be applied inside the person without getting him up. In unfortunately, this is where the tumor is actually are. In a breakthrough CAPS, has developed a small diameter flexible catheter that can go through a working channel of almost any minimally invasive tool directly to the tumor and deliver the selective non thermal treatment without any ablation without heating up the tissue without bleeding, cutting or coagulation. And with precise real time monitoring of the amount of energy delivered to the tissue throughout the procedure. The technology consists of a console and it is possible procedure kit, which will be the main revenue driver. Having a small diameter flexible probe allows us to perfectly compete within the minimally invasive echo system today, putting us in the contact focal interest of all the large players in the market. In our vision, we can apply this procedure throughout the whole body through endoscopic laparoscopic and we can obviously combine it with robotic systems or apply it superficially like everybody else. Our first clinical indication is nine muscle invasive bladder cancer and MITC. Nui Bisi is the sixth most common cancer in the US. Worldwide there are over 1.6 million patients suffering from the disease with over 200,000 new cases discovered every year. Typically, anybody will say isn't cure, it's been treated and retreated using a resection of the tumor, which is called to RBT. very traumatic is with scars and damage to the bladder, which is then followed by a series of endo vesicle installation. And still, the higher recurrence rate can be activated presents making this the most expensive cancer to have to treat. Like I mentioned, capsule medical is a pioneer in delivering this technology and treatment endoscopically. In a fraction of the cost and multicenter study, we have treated close to 40 tumors over 20 procedures with an amazing result of over 96% of the tumors disappearing completely following a single treatment without damaging the battery they have about the tissue without any adverse events associated with the standard of care today. All the patients were at least the same day without authorization and without side effects. Up till now more than nine month following the beginning of the study, nine of the tumors have have returned. And this is a representative case of a patient with multiple tumors treated with an app instead of resection. Completely gone. And I'll come back. So just for comparison, in a patient who was treated by both technologies, we can see the preserved healthy tissue following the treatment versus the resection discovering and the loss of functionality following the standard of care for any IBC the technology is applied through sanity scope, utilizing existing CPT codes. In our vision, we will initially begin by replacing the resection and its associated side effects. Then, we're going to introduce a device which will allow us to take this procedure to the outpatient setup, and then tackle the high recurrence rate and the disease progression. The company is planning to begin a pivotal study for curing the device in 2024, we're expecting to see clearance in 2025, and an FDA clearance by de novo pathway in 2026. The advantage the events in our technology chief so far allows us now to develop this technology and scale it to other indications as well, including lung cancer, Gi is a Fargo cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate and many many more in multiple preclinical studies done today to have the demonstrate no resistance to add them from any test cell lines. In addition to that, we have demonstrated feasibility of delivery of delivering this ATAP solution to multiple indications in preclinical studies evaluating new models. The company has a family of lessons parent from the Israeli Technion and a traditional families of parents in various stages of obligation. Some of them already proved and granted. Our team has a vast executive experience in the healthcare field, including a very impressive track record in the healthcare industry. It were supported by a panel of world renowned experts with cancer care experience and significant market access. Today, the company has raised over $10 million dollars, mostly from Providence private investors. We have a strategic on board, and we have received several non DoD funds. We're now raising 30 million to fund the pivotal study and to fund the company operation through our VC and FDA clearance as well as leveraging technology to additional indications. So just to sum things up, capsule medical represent a real opportunity to change the way so tumors are treated in the future are identical data points to art technology has been selected because the treatment with the potential to be applied to wide range of search tools. We have a huge untapped market with a clear go to market strategy for our initial indications. Our advantages include a very strong team support by world renowned experts and collaboration with leading academics, institutions, and if it is your view and perspective. We'll be happy for you to join our journey and you can talk to me after the session. Thank you very much


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