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Chems Hachani

Chems Hachani

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ECLEVAR supports medical devices and IVD manufacturer in the MDR and IVDR transition. Their team works as an extension team of medical affairs and regulatory affairs sponsor.


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Good morning, everyone. Thank you for your time for being here. So first of all, I will introduce my name is Chem Hachani, the founder of ECLEVAR Medtec. Its clinical research organizations, European, our core businesses, running clinical trials in Europe, UK, and the US, as well as we, we build digital app based on blockchain to help the patients like in home nursing, and also we build real world data assets to collect clinical real world clinical data. This will help our partner the med tech to run what we call real world evidence studies. It's efficient, cheaper than traditional clinical trials. So at the same time, we are a CRO and also we so we build the digital health app. So today, I'm not going to talk about ECLEVAR that much, but I'm going to present.



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