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LSI Europe '23

Featured Content & Success Stories

Roundtable Keynote: A View from All Sides of the Medtech Innovation Table

A lively discussion to explore lessons learned and opportunities ahead.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Scott Pantel, Founder & CEO, Life Science Intelligence

Paul LaViolette, Managing Partner, SV Health Investors

Leslie Trigg, CEO, Outset Medical

Jay Watkins, Partner, Sonder Capital

Our Most Valuable Resource: Our People, Dale Jones, Diversified Search Group

Dale Jones, Former CEO & Current Senior Executive Advisor, Diversified Search Group opened up LSI USA 2022 Emerging Medtech Summit with, Opening Remarks, Our Most Valuable Resource: Our People. 

“We need more leaders today who have courage.” - Dale Jones, Former CEO & Current Senior Executive Advisor, Diversified Search Group. Dale Jones, opened up the conference touching on many of the key themes we saw throughout the week like the importance of courage and leadership, the importance of “soft skills”, and just how crucial these skills are.

Medtech Capital and the New Frontier, David Weild IV, Weild & Co., Vice-Chairman NASDAQ (former)

David Weild IV, is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Weild & Co and former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ. He is recognized as the “father” of the JOBS Act and regarded as one the world’s top experts on capital markets and capital formation.

Medtech M&A and Deal-Making Perspectives

Let's find out directly from major strategics on what deals they are hunting for and hear their outlook on M&A activity in the coming year.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) John Babitt, Partner, Life Sciences, EY

Michael Robinson, Managing Director, Healthcare Investment Banking, Medical Devices, Jeffries

Azadeh Nasibi, VP, Business Development, Medtronic

Matthew Schopp, Director, Business Development, Philips

Matthew Vessa, VP, Business Development, Hologic

Antonio Sanchez-Cordero, WW Vice President, Business Development, Peripheral Intervention, BD

Manny Villafaña and Chris Velis Fireside Chat

At LSI USA '22 Emerging Medtech Summit, Life Science Intelligence presented Industry Legend, Manny Villafaña, with the LSI Lifetime Achievement Award in Medical Devices.

Featured Panelists:

Manny Villafaña, PhD, Sc, Founder of St. Jude Medical, ATS, Cardiac Pacemakers

Chris Velis, Founder & Executive Chairman, Miraki Innovation




Web3, NFTs, and Decentralized Science: The Most Important Topic That You Don't Understand (But Should)

How will Web3, NFTs, and Decentralized Science Impact the future of healthcare?

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Scott Pantel, Founder & CEO, Life Science Intelligence

Henry Peck, Director of Global Marketing, Altoida, Inc.

Omar M. Khateeb, Principal and Founder, Khateeb & Company and The State of Medtech Media

New Medtech Incubator Models & Early Stage Investing

This panel will explore how a new model of incubators and early-stage corporate investors are driving innovation.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Lisa Carmel, EVP Strategic Partnerships, Veranex

Fiona Mack, Head of JLABS, Johnson & Johnson

Lana Caron, Innovation Lead, Philips Ventures

Andrew Cleeland, CEO, Fogarty Innovation

Strategy: How to Win with Today's IDNs and GPOs

In 2022, how will major providers decide which products meet their needs?  How do they decide who wins, and why do so many products never even get an evaluation?  What other market trends, nuances, and inside guidance should innovators (and their investors) be thinking about?

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) John Strong, Co-Founder, Access Strategy Partners

Amanda Chawla, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Stanford Health Care, Stanfor Children’s Health, Stanford Medicine

Jimmy Chung, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Advantus Health Partners, a subsidiary of Bon Secours Mercy Health

Darren Vianueva, Senior VP, Integrated Support Services and Technology Sourcing, Trinity Health

Leveraging Real World Evidence Generation: From Regulatory to Market Access

Featured Panelists:

Tonya Dowd, VP Reimbursement, Health Economics and Market Access, MCRA

Nicole Fitzpatrick, MS, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Evidence Development & Market Access, MCRA

Devjani Saha, Ph.D., RAC, Director, Regulatory Affairs, MCRA

Gretchen Nelson, B.S., Director, Clinical Affairs, MCRA

Mina Fahim, CEO & President, MediView

Medtech Venture Investing

Let's dig deep and find out what these VCs are looking for and find out where they are focusing their next round of investments.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Ryan McGuinness, Commercial GM, Triple Ring Technologies

Oliver Keown, Managing Director, Intuitive Ventures

Amy Belt Raimundo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Convey Capital

Tak Cheung, Partner, New Enterprise Associates

Rik Vandevenne, Managing Director, River Cities Capital Funds

Dan Galles, Partner, Providence Ventures

Same Goal, Different Paths: CEO Spotlight on Raising Capital

This panel will explore different methods to raise capital and explore why these successful CEOs chose their path.  We'll discuss the challenges CEOs in our space experience, and address how those challenges can be overcome.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Shannon Lam, Partner, Knobbe Martens

Karen Holzberger, President & CEO, SpinTech MRI

Joseph McGinley, Founder & CEO, McGinley Orthopedics

Lishan Aklog, Chairman & CEO, PAVmed & Lucid Diagnostics

Berk Tas, CEO, SentiAR

Upending the Medtech Sales Model

In this interactive panel moderated by CEO Scott Carson of MRP, you will hear about the future of the changing Medtech sales landscape and understand the implications it will have on our industry.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Scott Carson, CEO, MRP

Dale Koop, Chief Science Officer, MRP

Ashwin Krishan, Investor and Entrepreneur, Ex-Airbnb

Omar M. Khateeb, Principal & Founder, Khateeb & Company and The State of Medtech Media

Cheryl Adams, Chief Strategy & Compliance Officer, MRP

After the Capital Raise: Accelerating into Growth Stage

A lively discussion with CEOs that have successfully raised multiple rounds of capital, and now are accelerating into the next stages of growth.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Ramin Mousavi, President & CEO, CathWorks

Philip Rackliffe, CEO, Centerline Biomedical

Allison London Brown, CEO, Luminelle

Joe Urban, CEO, Potrero Medical

Gabriel Jones, CEO, Proprio

Intelligent/Digital Surgery: Innovation & Opportunities Evolving Rapidly

This panel will explore one of the hottest areas in medtech. Where are we and how far do we have to go?  Hear the views of the investor, innovator, and strategic.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) David Uffer, Senior Partner & VP, Alira Health

Rachel Van Straton-Kirk, Robotics & Digital Solutions, Ethicon

Tal Wenderow, Venture Partner, Genesis MedTech

Oliver Keown, Managing Director, Intuitive Ventures

Christopher Cleary, Senior VP of Corporate Development, Medtronic

Daniel Hawkins, CEO Avail Medsystems

What Do Strategics Want?

Let's get into it with senior executives from top strategics and find out what kind of deals they are looking for, right now.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Lisa Carmel, EVP Strategic Partnerships, Veranex

Noam Krantz, VP, Venture Investments - Medical Devices, JJDC

Christopher Cleary, Senior VP, Corporate Development, Medtronic

Finn Haley, VP Corporate Development, Edwards Lifesciences

Erich Wolff, SVP, Corporate Development & Strategy, Becton Dickinson (BD)

Medtech Investing: What VCs Want Right Now

How have recent market dynamics changed the strategies of active medtech VCs?  What kind of deals are they looking and what is catching their interest at LSI USA '22?

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) David Uffer, Senior Partner & VP, Alira Health

Lu Zhang, Founder & Managing Partner, Fusion Fund

Dave Kereiakes, Partner, Providence Ventures

Andy McGibbon, Managing Partner, Sonder Capital

Greg Madden, Partner, SV Health Investors

How Leading Medtech Scaleups Are Accelerating Time to Market

This panel gives the different perspectives on how to acclerate time to market from the view of operators, servive providers, and investors.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Nick Tippmann, VP of Marketing, Greenlight Guru

Kwame Ulmer, Venture Partner, Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Daniel Powell, CEO, Spark Biomedical

Jessica Richter, COO & Head of Business Development, Regulatory, Clinical & Quality Services, Veranex

Isabella Schmitt, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Proxima Clinical Research, Inc.

Mina Fahim, CEO & President, MediView

The Three I's of Emerging Innovation Ecosystems: Infrastructure, Innovators, Investors

Lets dive into Infrastructure, Innovators, & Investors.

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Benjamin Glenn, Founder, A Matter of Innovation

Tiffany Wilson, President & CEO, University City Science Center

Susan Windham-Bannister, CEO, Biomedical Growth Strategies, LLC

Jennifer McCaney, Executive Director, UCLA Biodesign

Evolving Business Models in Medtech with Focus on Digital Health

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Deepak Sahu, Partner, Alira Health

Andrea Varsavsky, Ph.D., VP, Delivery Operations, Evidation Health

Celeste A. James, VP, Equity and Population Health, Big Health

Yury Rezenman, SVP Business Development, Propeller Health (ResMed Company)

Keynote - Medtech 3.0 & Creating Unicorns featuring Scott Huennekens

Scott Huennekens

Chairman of the Board, Vida FlaSH Acquisitions


Huennekens has more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry, specializing in clinical advancement through innovative R&D and technology-based initiatives. He currently serves as Executive Chairman of the Board for Acutus Medical (IPO in 2020).  He has held a number of executive leadership roles within the healthcare industry, accelerating the next generation of digital surgery for Verb Surgical and leading Volcano Corporation, an image guided therapy device company, to its IPO in 2006. He holds an MBA from Harvard University and a BS in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Huennekens currently sits on the boards of public companies Viewray and NuVasive.

Blank Check Companies Panel - Medtech SPACs - Hunting for Startups

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Rak Mehta, Vice Chairman, J.P. Morgan

Scott Huennekens, Chairman of the Board, Vida FlaSH Acquisitions

Oleg Grodnensky, Managing Partner, PRIVETERRA

Josh DeFonzo, CEO, Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp.

Investor Panel: Family Office & Angel Money: The Inside Track

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Irfan Lateef, Partner, Knobbe Martens

Gary Gershony, General Partner, BayMed Venture Partners, Life Science Angels

Omid Akhavan, Managing Director, Anthro Ventures

Investor Panel: Investing in Medtech Innovation: What Do VCs Want?

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Lisa Carmel, VP Strategy, Ximedica

Terri Burke, Venture Partner, Epidarex Capital

Kyle Dempsey, MD Partner, MVM Partners

Dennis McWilliams, Partner, Sante Ventures

Christopher Velis, Founder & Executive Chairman, Miraki Innovation

Allan May, Venture Partner, Medtech Convergence Fund, Co-Founder, Life Science Angels

Stephen Ralph, Innovation & Incubation Leader, W.L. Gore & Associates

Innovation Panel - Different Views of the Robotics Market

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) David Uffer, Senior Partner & VP, Alira Health

Tal Wenderow, Co-Founder, Corindus

Anand S. Patel, MD, Chief of Interventional Radiology, Providence Little Company, Mary Medical Center

Michael Pereira, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, Ximedica

Adam Sachs, CEO, Vicarious Surgical

Innovation Panel: Opportunities in the Drive Towards Intelligent Surgery

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Daniel Teo, Managing Partner, Hunniwell Lake Ventures

Sean Cheng, Venture Capital, Philips Ventures

Nissan Elimelech, Founder & CEO, Augmedics

Susan Wood, President & CEO, VIDA

Bruce Lichorowic, President & CEO, Galen Robotics

Rachel Van Stratton-Kirk, Robotics & Digital Solutions, Ethicon

Richard Vincent, CEO, FundamentalVR

Strategic Panel - Deal Making and Strategic Partnering

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) David Uffer, Senior Partner & VP, Alira Health

Finn Haley, VP Corporate Development, Edwards Lifesciences

Vanessa Abate Green, VP Corporate Development, Zimmer Biomet

Matthew Schopp, Director, Business Development, Philips

Nicholas Pachuda, Senior Vice President, J&J Innovation (former), Peptilogics (current)

Ramin Mousavi, VP & Global Franchise Leader, Baxter

Venture Studios Panel - New Models for Startup Success: Venture Studios

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Joe Heanue, CEO, Triple Ring Technologies

Ray Liu, Co-Founder & CEO, Vena Vitals

Vikram Chaudhery, Principal, Genoa Ventures

Paul Conley, CEO, General Inception

Innovator Panel - Different Paths to Raising Capital & Accelerating Growth: Innovator Spotlight

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Noam Krantz, Vice President, Venture Investments - Medical Devices, JJDC

Lishan Aklog, MD, Chairman & CEO, PAVmed

Adam Sachs, CEO, Vicarious Surgical

Nadine Haram, Founder & CEO, Proximie

Dennis Kogan, Founder & CEO, Caresyntax

Reimbursement & Patient Access Panel - Integrating a Strategic Approach to Reimbursement and Patient Access: From Concept Through Commercialization

Featured Panelists:

(Moderator) Tom Keating, Chief Innovation Officer, PRIA Healthcare 

Kelli Hallas, Vice President, PRIA Healthcare

Joel Brill, Chief Medical Officer, Predictive Health

John Chaparro, Investor & Serial Startup Entrepreneur, AngelMed

Michelle Smith, Director, Market Access and Custom Analytics, Intuitive Surgical