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2020 Medtech Pro Reports Pipeline

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Medical Devices & Diagnostics Market

Overview of entire market

Emerging Neuromodulation Technologies

Targeting rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, hematologic disease, ophthalmic conditions, opioid withdrawal, autism, obesity, GERD, tinnitus


Bare and drug-eluting peripheral stents, drug-coated balloons, endografts, atherectomy, other

Specialty Interventional Cardiology

Drug-coated stents, absorbable stents, IVUS, FFR/OCT, transcatheter heart valves, defect repair

Surgical Robotics

Global surgical procedures, robotic surgery systems, installed base, share by supplier, market dynamics, competitive landscape, new products

Drapes, Gowns, Gloves

Global procedure volumes, drapes/gowns/gloves sales, share by supplier, market dynamics and forecasts, new products

Infection Control Capital

Sterilization & disinfection equipment, consumables

Infection Control Disposables

Surgical products (drapes, gloves, masks, gowns), skin prep

Ophthalmic Diagnostic & Surgical Technologies

Products employed to diagnose and treat cataracts, glaucoma, vitroretinal diseases

Specialty Urology Products

Urethral & ureteral stents, lithotripsy, ED products, artificial urinary sphincters, urinary and fecal incontinence devices; sacral nerve stimulators

Diabetes Testing & Management Products

Testing products, insulin syringes, insulin pens, insulin pumps & consumables; artificial pancreas

Heart Failure Therapies

Cardiac assist implants (e.g., ICDs, LVADs, artificial hearts) pVADs, neuromodulation technologies, interarterial shunts

Sleep Apnea Technologies

CPAP machines and consumables; hypoglossal nerve stimulation implants, dental devices

Wound Closure Technologies

Sutures, staplers, surgical sealants & hemostatic agents, femoral closure devices, endoscopic closure devices, other

Advanced Wound Management Technologies

NPWT devices and consumables; advanced moist dressings; active dressings

Aesthetics Technologies

Dermal fillers & injectables, toxins, device-based treatments

Drug Delivery

Injection devices, infusion pumps and disposables, gravity sets and devices; vascular access devices

Orthopedic Reconstruction

Hip, knee, small joint implants, orthopedic robotic systems and implants, bone cement, orthobiologicals

Spine Products

Fusion devices, dynamic stabilization, prosthetic discs, specialty devices for complex spine cases

Energy Technologies

Lasers, RF, US, Microwave, Cryo, Water-Based

Specialty Dental Products

Dental implants, endodontic products, orthodontics & aligners

Hearing Instruments

Hearing aids, bone-anchored devices, cochlear implants

Airway Clearance & Enhancement Technologies

High frequency oscillatory chest wall devices, mechanical & acoustic percussors, PEP devices, others

General Medical Disposables & Consumables

Compilation from disposables reports plus other areas, e.g., Cardinal-type products

Cancer Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Biopsy devices, CT lung imaging, CAD software, radiation therapy, brachytherapy, infusion ports, other

Advances in G.I. Diagnosis & Management

Endoscopes, capital equipment, ancillary devices, capsule endoscopy, lumen apposing stents, bariatric devices, devices targeting non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

3D Printing of Patient-Specific Implants, Custom Tools

External prosthetics, cranial/orthopedic implants, airway stents, customized surgical tools

AI in Health Care

Application to imaging, decision support, patient triage