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Jun 21, 2024

Weekly Recap 6/21/24: LSI Alumni Achievements Driving Medtech and Healthtech Forward


This week, the medical technology companies in the LSI Alumni community closed a major Series C funding round, appointed new executives, launched new products, and much more on the road to LSI Europe '24 in Sintra, Portugal this September. Here’s a look at the latest updates from LSI alumni making headlines in medical device news.

Affluent Medical

Affluent Medical, a French medtech company founded by Truffle Capital, has achieved the clinical objective of its dry pilot study in the first two patients with its Artus device. The Artus device is an implantable artificial urinary sphincter designed for treating moderate to severe urinary incontinence in both men and women; a promising potential solution for patients with this condition.

Askel Healthcare

Askel Healthcare recently presented the results from its first-in-human pilot clinical trial of the COPLA® knee cartilage implant. This novel biodegradable solution is designed to surgically treat knee cartilage damage, offering a new approach to improving knee function and reducing pain for patients suffering from cartilage injuries.

atHEART Medical

atHEART Medical announced promising long and short-term clinical outcomes for its reSept ASD occluder. This investigational device aims to address the limitations of current occluders, which have metallic frames that remain in a patient's heart for life and can restrict transseptal interventions. The reSept ASD occluder presents a potential advancement in patient care by overcoming these challenges.


CYTO365 launched its RondelO™ IV-sets and adapters, which comply with MDR 2017/745. The RondelO™ is designed to prevent drug incompatibilities and aid nurses in administering medication correctly. This innovative product aims to enhance patient safety and streamline nursing workflows.

Elixir Medical

Elixir Medical has been granted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its DynamX Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Bioadaptor System. The targeted indication for DynamX is to improve coronary luminal diameter, restore hemodynamic modulation, and reduce plaque progression in patients with symptomatic ischemic heart disease due to discrete de novo native coronary artery lesions. The recognition underscores the potential of DynamX to significantly improve patient outcomes in coronary artery disease treatment.


Endologix announced the appointment of Graham Phillips as its new Chief Operating Officer. The company is dedicated to improving patients’ lives by providing innovative therapies for the interventional treatment of vascular disease. Phillips’s appointment is expected to strengthen Endologix's operational capabilities and drive further innovation in vascular therapy.


EndoSound has been granted a Transitional CMS Pass-Through Code for its EndoSound Vision System (EVS). The EVS is an innovative, cost-effective solution designed to enhance the capabilities of existing endoscopic equipment, providing high-resolution ultrasound imaging without the need for expensive and complex new scopes. This advancement promises to improve diagnostic accuracy and patient care in endoscopy.

Francis Medical

Francis Medical announced the treatment of the 100th patient in its VAPOR2 clinical trial. The company is developing minimally invasive treatment solutions for prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer using convective thermal water vapor. This milestone marks significant progress in their mission to offer effective, less invasive cancer treatments.

GT Medical Technologies

GT Medical Technologies has announced the appointment of Tom Moore as the new Chief Commercial Officer and Sandeep Yadav as the new Chief Financial Officer. The company's GammaTile® is FDA-cleared as a treatment for patients with newly diagnosed malignant intracranial neoplasms and patients with recurrent intracranial neoplasms. These leadership changes are expected to drive the company's growth and expand the reach of its innovative cancer treatment.

Ibex Medical Analytics

Ibex Medical Analytics, in collaboration with Alverno Laboratories, announced the launch of its AI platform in routine practice within Alverno’s laboratory network in Illinois and Indiana. Ibex's AI-powered solutions aim to transform cancer diagnostics and to provide world-leading clinical-grade technology for pathology. This collaboration aims to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in cancer care.


MediView XR

MediView XR, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, announced the successful first installation and clinical cases using the OmnifyXR Interventional Suite. This augmented reality-based interventional radiology suite combines a holographic heads-up display, live medical imaging, 3D anatomy model visualization, and advanced imaging technologies. It also enables remote collaboration, advancing precision care delivery across various interventional procedures.

Omniscient Neurotechnology (o8t)

Omniscient Neurotechnology raised a Series C funding round, bringing total capital raised to $60 million. The company is a global pioneer in connectomics, utilizing AI to map and analyze an individual’s intricate web of brain connections and functions. This funding will support the continued development and application of their groundbreaking technology in understanding and treating neurological conditions.

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