Micael Törnblom Presents CYTO365 at LSI Europe '23

CYTO365 is looking to change the way infusion therapy is delivered.
Micael Törnblom
Micael Törnblom



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As a previous commercial airline pilot, I know that we cannot change the human condition. But we can change under which condition, human works. This insight was very key to the start of this company. When I was with my wife, when she was treated at the hospital with the infusion therapy, I recognized there is an underlying risk of mixing the drugs due to human error. Because I know that we as pilots make many mistakes each flight, but we are tune the cockpit and we have checklists, and we have failsafe systems to take care of that the nurse or they're by themselves. We are addressing two problems. First is accidental drug mixing. And how large is this problem? We know that 90% of the patients treated hospitals receive infusion treatment of some sort. 74% of those drugs given should not be mixed. Either. We know that they can not be mixed or they're missing the comparability data for it. We know that within the drugs given in infusion therapy 26% of potentially life threatening if they are mixed. And we also seen studies saying that four to 6% of the nurses have actually witnessed drug incompatibility to occur three to 10 times within the last month. And that is what they see. Usually you don't see anything at all. Sometimes you see some crystals forming cloudiness in the tubing. We also dress another problem, spillage from disconnections. I know, it's called anti cancer drugs. But actually the drugs given our cancer epidemic and with Dianic themselves. There are 7.3 million nurses working in Europe alone and are exposed to hazardous drugs in their work environment. And studies have shown that there are 17,000 incremental, spontaneous abortions. And 10,000 Children are born with malformed is a mother's who have been handling hazardous drugs and additional 2200 leukemia cases. I found this quite unfair. They are healthy workers being they're treating patients with cancer. This is our solution. I invented a RondelO. RondelO is the first and only device physical device that can prohibit parallel infusion or multiple drugs connected to the lower inlets and enable neutral flushing fluid in between. To further reduce drug incompatibility down the line. We have two four and six inlets transparent and UV for light sensitive drugs. We're going to be experts in producing these in very high volumes in Sweden. Now we have actually created a completely new space. Because if we look at all the devices used within the infusion therapy or or device that are all out there, we can see that we have actually introduced new segments, the first and only component to be used for incompatible drugs, when drugs are to be given in serious with flushing fluid in between. Thereby we're going to convert from the large quantity of products use down to the left up to the new segment up to the right, because for instance, within oncology, rarely, you need more than one plug at one time. And you should according to guidelines, give them with flushing fluid in between. That's exactly what we are solving. But we're not going to sit still and wait for this to happen. This large volume of demand or components will not happen by itself. Luckily, we have a few customers early adopters already, but we're going to push the adoption. So we as a small company actually going to bring forward these final devices to them. Marcus also CE mark them, and 510 K. And we're going to sell them not not not many in small volumes, but just show what you can do and show the interest to the larger companies. So they wake up and really understand they need to buy our components and integrate to their IV sets. To the left, we can see something that will be used in the USA. And furthest to the right, we can see something that is used in Europe, you can notice the drip chamber position is different. But we solve both problems in both parts of the world. And in between, we see some adaptive versions. The market is huge. We know this 5.9 billion primer IV sets sold annually. If we look only to the specific area where I found this to be a problem to be solved, we can see there's 190 million IV sets for oncology alone. But remember 74% of the drugs given within infusion therapy should not be mixed. We have 91 patents approved not pending, approved granted in 30 countries worldwide. With eight patent families. We're based in Sweden, our first customer was in Brazil, this summer, our second customer US, so we now started to deliver to the customers we have gained interest from from last two years when we have been in trade shows in the US and Europe. And now we're starting to deliver also shortly within Europe. Our team is great. And we are focusing very much on the nurse. So (person) was the first person I found when I google online who are educating nurses in Sweden. Now she's working full time within the company since three years and I call her my co founder. We have good experience on the quality side as well. And we have the required marketing and r&d, financial and support with sales and logistics. Also in the board. We have renowned entrepreneurs and medtech experience. And also we have won the Europe's best patent attorney at law. If Eric learning we are moving into new facilities first of December in Hasim by Sweden where we can produce up to 20 million RendelO from July next year. That's one rhondella per second. And that's just the start. We're lucky now for 4 million years. The total funding need this year was 5.9. But we two got the EIC accelerator grant of 1.9. In this situation here we say we look for 4 million euros but EIB back us with 2 million euros if we can find another invest for 2m euros. So somewhere between two to four is our need. And we're going to use this to bridge the gap. Because sometimes you think you only need money until you can start to sell and then everything will go as planned. And hopefully it will, but we're starting now sales from zero. So we're going to bridge the gap from introduction until we can stand on our own two legs. So product development is behind us. So please come join us and help us aid nurse to do right. Thank you

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