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Q3 2019 Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight

Virtual Events Starts: Friday, September 27

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Advanced Scanners

Designs and builds custom high-end 3D surface scanners, with its first application being for monitoring brain shift. Our unique system determines the full-color 3D surface shape of objects with high accuracy and with greater coverage than other technologies. Besides monitoring brain shift, we are developing capabilities for touchless patient registration techniques for cranial and spine surgeries and touchless real-time optical biopsy of in-vivo tissue to distinguish and diagnose cancers, i.e. brain cancers and melanoma.

Alpha Szenszor (aka ASI)

Carbon nanotube-based sensor devices for health and wellness applications

Aspisafe Solutions

A feeding tube with a communicating balloon technology to prevent aspiration pneumonias.

Cranial Waves Medical

Non-invasive, artificial intelligence-based neuro monitoring products  

MediSieve Limited

Developing a medical device enabled therapeutic called “magnetic blood filtration” (MBF), a revolutionary method of treating blood-borne diseases by removing pathogens, toxins or other targets directly from a patient’s bloodstream.

Spire Health

Provides a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution for patients with chronic diseases, particularly COPD. The Spire Health RPM platform continuously monitors respiratory patterns and other physiological metrics, notifying providers of changes in patient health. Spire Health’s solution has the potential to identify and predict health events, enable early interventions, and prevent hospital admissions.


Neurovascular stent with distal protection


The first true dry electrode EEG system cleared for clinical use by FDA