Q2 2019 Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight

Virtual Events Starts: Friday, June 28

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Amnion Life

AmnioBed - a neonatal incubator system incorporating a synthetic amniotic fluid bath to decrease environmental heat and water loss and intended to decrease critical and long-term complications common in preterm birth (PTB) infants by recreating core conditions of an in womb environment.

Arete Medical Technologies

Medical devices and software for precision, personalised, and preventative management of chronic diseases.  Initial target application is for remote monitoring of people with severe / unstable chronic lung conditions.

ExplORer Surgical

ExplORer Surgical is an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork and data collection in the operating room, procedural suite and training environment. A cloud-based platform, our product, ExplORer Live, is an iOS and Android-based app that provides tailored, procedural technique guides for any member of the surgical team (surgeon, nurse, scrub tech, device representative, etc.). Used during live procedures or in training, ExplORer is customized for any physician's preferences or any device's implant technique. 

GreenBone Ortho

Bone regenerating, load-bearing implants to treat severe fractures and conditions such as trauma and tumors that result in extensive bone loss


Dermatology and wound healing using plant-based human skin substitute. Extra Cellular Matrix protein patch to heal a full thickness wound with minimal to no scarring, intact hair follicles and sweat glands. The technology is also sprayable at a patient's bedside for touch free application to burns and diabetic foot ulcers.

Simulare Medical

Simulare Medical's anatomically accurate, high fidelity simulators and training programs bridge the "training gap", accelerating the learning process to enhance a surgeon's level of competence through repeated practice.


Created the first-on-market simultaneous 18-lead ECG patch with a dedicated device and mobile app. The patch is wireless, radiolucent and applied in under 15 seconds. SmartMedics’ mission is to detect STEMI’s earlier, for use in home monitoring and cardiac telerehabilitation, while our future lies in algorithm development. 

Strados Labs

Strados Labs has developed the first revolution in lung health since the stethoscope with a remote pulmonary monitoring system that integrates a discreet audio device with a clinically validated, algorithm-based technology platform.


Yostra develops innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for diabetic foot complications. Our products include NEURO TOUCH - a point of care screening device for Peripheral Neuropathy, SPANDA - a point of care device for vascular diagnostics and KADAM - therapeutic solution for chronic wounds.