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Why Do Global Medtech Leaders Attend LSI Events?

Hear from the LSI Alumni community on why they attend (and come back to) LSI events.




Elliot Street  0:00  

The caliber of individual that comes to LSI is astonishing across the founders, the strategics, the the investment community amazing.


Dawn Bitz  0:18  

Interacting with our colleagues on the startup and on the small company side, being able to build that network, those relationships, being able to connect the dots, as well as then being able to have conversations with different investors, and then the support companies that also help us bring products like this to market. LSI is just a wonderful event.


John Timberlake  0:37  

I have found it's the best use of my time, because in a relatively short period of time, I have exposure to more investors, potential investors, strategics vendor partners.


Teri Sirset  0:55  

People from all over the industry, innovators, strategics, investors be able to just pass by and stop and talk even if it's just been for a few minutes. So it's been a very successful show for us.


Ananth Ravi  1:13  

So this is our first year at LSI. And let me tell you, it's been a phenomenal meeting. I was just talking to Paul, our CFO is here with me. And we have really come here with the intent to just form relationships.


Aaron Hannon  1:42  

So I think for me, it's been a massive opportunity to engage with the Medtech community both from a financing point of view but also looking at partners in our value chain that could help us bring our products into the market.



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