We Launched Our Podcast - Emerging Medtech Today, Powered by LSI

This is what understanding Medtech trends and insights should sound like. Hear from the innovators and investors building breakthrough businesses that are moving medtech forward, presented by the team at the epicenter of the industry. Hosted by Henry Peck, and powered by LSI.



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The world of Medtech is changing fast. From the C suite to the surgical suite. It can be designed to connect the dots between the new technologies, business models, investment trends, regulatory and reimbursement frameworks and more, that are moving Medtech forward. Welcome to emerging med tech today by LSI. I'm Henry Peck, VP of Growth and Strategy at LSI. And in each episode, I'll be speaking with innovators, investors and strategics about the emerging ideas, trends and insights that are reshaping our industry. This isn't just another health podcast. It's powered by LSI, an ecosystem that provides the intelligence and relationships Medtech leaders need to build breakthrough businesses. In this first season. I'll be joined by many of the leaders who will also share their insights at LSI an upcoming event LSI Europe 23 in Barcelona, Spain this September. Together, we'll set the stage for a global event that will challenge convention and catalyze better health care for all. Connect with us at emergingmedtechtoday.com. To learn more about LSI and the emerging med tech today podcast, and be sure to follow on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


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