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NOxy Health Products is a healthcare company driven to developing innovative medicines that harness the natural restorative capabilities of nitric oxide (NO) to heal chronic wounds.
Tim Jacobson
Tim Jacobson
CEO, NOxy Health Products



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I've been in healthcare for over 30 years, most particularly in senior care, I see many, many patients, and many, many of those suffer from chronic wounds. When I first was introduced to the potential of nitric oxide, I became extremely excited because I knew of the great need. molecule that's produced naturally within the human body, and the human body relies on it in a very significant way to heal. Ultimately, we don't want to be in the business of treating chronic wounds, we want to be the people that heal chronic pain.

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As mentioned by Tom, our founder and chairman, nitric oxide is a powerful molecule that's made naturally within our bodies. That's three modes of action that are particularly essential in the wound healing sequence. It's a vasodilator. It's a broad spectrum antimicrobial, with no known resistance, and it's a cell signaling molecule. It's in this cell signaling molecule the nitric oxide really features it is responsible for pro inflammation, and also responsible for resolving inflammation within the wound bed. During inflammation, the body floods the wound bed with enzymes, which are designed to clear the pathogens, but when nitric oxide is not present in sufficient concentrations, those enzymes such as reactive oxygen species, and reactive nitrogen species and MMPs not only clear the pathogens but also destroy healthy tissue. And so nitric oxides role is to be there in sufficient concentrations in order to resolve inflammation, so that nitric oxide can then direct the rest of the wound healing sequence as its essential and collagen deposition, cell proliferation and angiogenesis. But the problem is, is that as we age, we naturally produce less nitric oxide. More so if we suffer from a comorbidities such as diabetes. So for example, a 60 year old diabetic patient may produce only 10 to 20% of the amount of nitric oxide that they would have as a healthy 20 year old. Furthermore, these patients are characteristically compromised in their circulatory systems, making indot endogenous production or stimulation of nitric oxide. A non viable path that leads exogenous or external supplementation of nitric oxide is the only viable path to bring nitric oxide to these patients that are otherwise deficient. The noxee platform is a two part system of two separate liquids housed in foaming bottles. These liquids are expelled as foams and then manually mixed to generate nitric oxide, which is a gas which is then housed within the micro bubbles of these individual foam bubbles. The layer of bubbles closest to the skin, or the combined foam is then laid onto the skin where the underlying layer of bubbles bursts, exposing their payload of nitric oxide directly to the tissue. The if the concentration of nitric oxide in the tissue is less than the concentration outside the tissue, it will naturally draw the nitric oxide into the tissue where it's absorbed and can have its therapeutic effect. This treatment lasts only five minutes, meaning that it can fit into any flow of care or any clinical visit. Those that have come before us with nitric oxide bandages or nitric oxide gels or creams haven't solved for one of the key problems and that is nitric oxide is a gas. So if nitric oxide can be produced by a bandage, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the nitric oxide is going to be absorbed by the tissue. In fact, that approach relies on serendipitous absorption. gels and creams have the opposite effect, which trapped the nitric oxide inside the high viscosity those mediums. Therefore the phone technology and its simplicity really is the viable path. I'll share three case studies that we've done all of which have failed standard of care for for a period of months prior to our intervention. In this first case, this patient attended a well known wound care clinic in California for three times a week for multiple times for eight for a period of eight months. In our intervention, we stopped all treatment. We wash the wound with saline. We applied the nitric oxide foam and we covered it with gauze. We did this three times A week, which means there was a total exposure time of only 15 minutes a week, and within seven weeks the wound was completely healed. This is an 88 year old bed bound patient, again, having previously failed standard of care. You can see within a week within three weeks, the outer boundaries of the wound looked much different with React theorisation occurring and a beefy Red Center signifying the angiogenic properties of nitric oxide. What's most astonishing is not only did the wound heal, but the tissue grew and closed over the exposed tendon. Here you have another patient that has suffered already previously suffered amputation on the right leg you see below the knee and the third picture. This patient had two parts to the wound an upper and a lower portion. This also this case also included compression therapy, which is standard of care for for these types of wounds. Within 90 weeks, both the upper and lower part of the wounds have completely healed. Speaking now to the antimicrobial benefits of nitric oxide, we treat it we took six antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, things like Mersa, pseudomonas, we inoculated pig tissue, and we incubated these tissues tissue samples until they had matured and formed mature biofilms. The dark blue bars signify to back to back treatments. So in other words, a five minute treatment, we waited 10 minutes and then applied a second five minute treatment, we were able to eradicate 99 To 99 point 99.99% of those biofilms in only 10 minutes of exposure time. Just this week, we received notification that the results of this study will be published in a major scientific journal. Our strategy is to first attack the chronic wound market it being the largest and market with the highest unmet medical need. From there naxian tends to expand its indication platform. Any skin indication characterized by bacteria viral or fungal infection is an indication candidate. Any skin condition characterized by inflammation is also an indication candidate. The total universe of revenues available to noxee from these many indications is 10 to 20 billion annually. We have raised a successful round of capital from our seed investors who are owners and operators of skilled nursing facilities. There are 16,000 skilled nursing facilities in the United States representing 150 to $200 million in annual revenue available to noxee. This year, we will be introducing an over the counter product which will contain nitric oxide, we will not be able to make any medical claims about the nitric oxide. At this stage. However, we will be able to say that nitric oxide is in the phone technology and in the product with the revenues garnered from the strategy noxee expects to be cashflow positive x, the amount of capital required to run clinical trials and to expand the indication platform. To date, we are currently undergoing our first inhuman trial in Israel studying diabetic foot ulcers. We are currently raising a small bridge round of one to $2 million. Next month, we submit our ind application in the United States. Later this year, we've launched the over the counter product. And then in the first half of next year, we expect to conclude our phase one trial, at which time we'll take the data from that trial and price a Series A and then from there, we take the capital and then move into our Phase Two slash phase three trial designed given that the five year mortality rate of people with chronic wounds is five times higher than the five year mortality rate of patients with breast cancer and 13 times higher than the five year mortality rate of patients with prostate cancer. We are very passionate about addressing the needs of the chronic wound care market. We hope you'll join us in our desire in in our mission to end the chronic wound epidemic. Thank you

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