Sylvain Sachot Presents Asabys Partners at LSI Europe '23

Asabys is an investment firm based in Barcelona, investing in healthcare and life-sciences innovation.
Sylvain Sachot
Sylvain Sachot
Partner, Asabys Partners



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We are lucky this afternoon to have a list of several medtech companies that will that will come here to speak to tell us about their stories, companies in the field of thrombectomy, surgery, fertility and others. But before we start with pitches, just a few words about myself and about my company. I'm a partner at Asabys Partners. We are a VC firm based here in in the beautiful city of Barcelona. We've been active for the last five years or so six years. We are right now investing from our second fund. The Asabys Fund II. that's a fund that we're still fundraising but with a target of 150 million euros we have 100 million already in the bank. We've done a series of investments from fund I and from fund II between biopharma med tech diagnostics and digital. We've done quite a few investments in medtech traditional type of medtech between cardiovascular catheters pain management, digital health, we've done diagnostics in sepsis. We've done a whole bunch of of different technologies, we're still investing in them. We're still looking for for new investments. And maybe hopefully we'll find some some investments here today this afternoon. Without any further ado, let me introduce you to the first to the first speaker

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