Stephanie DeFelice Presents PRIA Healthcare at LSI Europe '23

Founded in 2012, PRIA Healthcare is the industry-leading strategic reimbursement, market, and patient access partner for medical device companies in the United States.
Stephanie DeFelice
Stephanie DeFelice
VP, Business Development, PRIA Healthcare



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Good afternoon. My name is Stephanie DeFelice and I'm the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing with PRIA Healthcare. Our organization is very pleased to be sponsoring this year's Emerging Medtech Summit Europe. I will be your session leader for today, and we have an exciting group of presenting companies being showcased. Before we began our team at Priya healthcare put together a video to tell you more about how we PRIA Healthcare partner with innovators in med tech to support their product journey.

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Priya is proud to sponsor the 2023 emerging med tech summit Europe presented by LSI in Barcelona, Spain on September 18, to the 22nd vital to the successful commercialization of over 100 medical devices since 2012. PRIA Healthcare is the industry leading partner of innovators in med tech and life science and are thrilled to participate in this groundbreaking Summit. This is an exciting time in the medtech industry, agnostic to specialty and poised to support the entire product journey of innovations in healthcare from concept through commercialization. PRIA's renowned experts in reimbursement strategy and healthcare economics provide exceptional support to medical device companies by navigating often challenging reimbursement pathways, coding coverage and payment for market access and market adoption of new life changing technologies. We invite you to visit To learn more about our portfolio including services such as market analysis, reimbursement, strategy and planning, clinical trial reimbursement support, payer engagement and patient access platform solutions. Connect with our executive team on site and Barcelona for an introductory conversation about your US healthcare market access approach. PRIA Healthcare accelerating healthcare innovation.

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If you'd like to learn more about Priya, please reach out on the partnering app or connect with one of us on site today or tomorrow. We would love to talk with you about your approach to US market access and reimbursement

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