Rachel Knutton, Alluvia Studio - Interview | LSI Europe '23

Alluvia Studio is a medtech strategic marketing agency that helps companies clearly define the immense value of their patient care innovations.
Rachel Knutton
Rachel Knutton
CEO, Alluvia Studio



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My company is Alluvia Studio, we are a strategic med tech marketing company. And we work with marketing executives and CEOs, really just from the medical device world, to help them tell their stories. We work with companies on pitch decks, and that's usually the beginning of telling their brand story. But that evolves into a lot of other things like social media, web collateral, other ways, white papers, other things that they need to clearly communicate the value of their patient care solution. I started attending LSI this year, because this is where my clients come. My clients range from strategics to startups. So they're all having the same conversations, and I wanted to be part of it and hear what's important to them here, it's important to their different audiences, so that I can add value when I'm working with them. I think LSI is a really great conference to be part of, it's very productive, there are meetings constantly going on, I'm very impressed by the different networking opportunities, and that truly, you know, the partnering rooms are always packed, the innovators pavilion is full of people, you know, the sessions are, there's a lot of variety in the sessions, you really can't even see it all while you're here, which is really a nice problem to have. So I think it's that high value conference. Fortunately, I'm already making great contacts here and meeting up with clients in the past and re engaging with them. So for me, it's already been a value just a day in I've talked to investors a while I'm here to say you know what's important to you when you're getting pitched? What's what's resonating with you. And what they tell me is engage us don't inundate us with facts and figures. And that's really great because I can take that back to my clients and say, Listen, don't take it from me. Take it from the people at the money, get them interested, get them passionate about your idea, and then fill in all the details so they can see it's a good investment. Our mission, vision and values are very aligned with LSI. Because we're both in the business of helping get Patient Care Innovations to more patients. You guys are connecting people, you're connecting data, you're providing data to help people frame up these innovations in a way that makes sense for the market and makes it commercially viable. We help tell that story. We help make sure that their marketing materials reflect the level of innovation that they have, that they're sophisticated that they're very clear on so I think we're just both partners in in helping get things that patients really need out in the market.

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