Pall Johannesson Presents Greenlight Guru at LSI Europe '23

Greenlight Guru is the leading cloud-based platform to give medical technology companies an end-to-end software solution to deliver life-changing products to people.
Pall Johannesson
Pall Johannesson
Managing Director, Greenlight Guru Clinical, Greenlight Guru



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Nice to be here with you today. And essentially, I'm going to present Greenlight Guru in about five minutes. And then we'll get into what we're all here to do, which is listen to the to the investment investment pitches. So first of all, Greenlight Guru is a company on a very important mission. We are here to assist medical device companies improve the quality of life. And why do we think that is important? Because too many companies fail. And too many companies are not prioritizing the things that are needed to be prioritized to get to market. So you'll see that only 8% of companies think they're very well equipped to meet their business objectives. And only 61% of the companies that we interview, are actually focusing on compliance to quality processes. And again, in a similar way, too much time is spent on administrative tasks. So only still one or three companies are using paper. So when we talk about AI, and we talk about all the new technology that's coming today, and everybody meets that meets us as a software company, you know, ask us, What are you doing to try to advance technology? A lot of the times we have to say, well, we're still just trying to make sure that people are not using analog methods to drive their devices to market. So how can we help Medtech companies succeed? We essentially are a suite of software solutions designed to work throughout the lifecycle of any medical device. So we have a quality management system that can be put in place that automates a lot of the tasks and eliminates a lot of the time spent on manually setting up a quality management system. Then we have an electronic data capture tool called Greenlight Guru Clinical that we provide to medtech companies to collect and generate clinical evidence throughout their lifecycle of their device. And then we provide the Greenlight Guru Academy, which is an education is an educational platform with medical device content and certifications that our teams take. We have worked with a lot of companies again throughout the whole lifecycle of their devices, and where we ensure an out of the box validated compliance solution to take you forward. We work with more than 1200 medical device companies around the globe to take their devices to market both in in Europe and the United States and elsewhere. And we have basically I think the number one presence in the industry when it comes to educational material, podcasts and webinars, things like that. And we have a very fancy slide that bounces back and forth between the globe. So with that said, we are here to move medtech forward. We are here to work with you guys. We are a founding sponsor of LSI and more than 30% of the companies impress in in attendance here are already customers of Greenlight guru. So we have a booth outside. We are here to meet the teams if if you're available and we're looking forward to it.


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