Pall Johannesson, Greenlight Guru | Interview at LSI Europe '23

Greenlight Guru is the leading cloud-based platform to give medical technology companies an end-to-end software solution to deliver life-changing products to people.
Pall Johannesson
Pall Johannesson
Managing Director, Greenlight Guru Clincal



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Greenlight Guru is a Medtech software powerhouse. We provide software solutions to medical device companies and assist them throughout the lifecycle of their device. Our products consists of a quality management system, which ensures regulatory compliance and in the early stages of your company, and then we do provide a clinical data capture tool to collect clinical evidence and clinical studies and post market setting. And then we provide the Greenlight guru Academy which is an educational platform to uplevel the knowledge in your Medtech company and essentially also gain certifications. Our primary focus will be to continue to establish our relaunched the brand, actually, today of all days being at LSI. We launched the Greenlight Guru Medtech Suite, and the greenlight grammatic suite is essentially centralizing these products and improving our offering to my tech companies. And it will be to continue to establish that brand. And make sure that everybody in the Medtech world knows that Greenlight guru has multiple offerings through quality, clinical and the Academy. So it will be to kind of cement our place as the Medtech software powerhouse. LSI Europe has been a very good event for us also, not only this year, but also last year, as we do meet a lot of our European partners. But we also see a lot of the international partners coming back. It's also the medical device companies, the manufacturers themselves, the innovators, the CEOs that we work with directly, we have more than 30% of the attendees as our customers. So being a founding sponsor of LSI it's very important for us to continue to support the ecosystem. But we also see a lot of the different connections that we get through investors and through other service providers that we partner with in the industry. So it's essentially where we can meet a lot of the relevant people that otherwise we'd have to fly all around the world to meet so for us it's a you know, it's a win win situation on on the customer side but also on the partner side.

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