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Nick Talamantes, Senior Director of Market Intelligence at LSI | Medtech Pro, Powered by LSI

Medtech Pro provides trusted data and insights in an intuitive software platform to improve decision-making for everyone, from startups and strategics to investors and insiders.
Nick Talamantes
Nick Talamantes
Senior Director of Market Research, LSI


Nick Talamantes  0:00  

Good morning, everyone. I'm Nick Talamantes, Director of Market Research here at LSI. I hope you're all enjoying the conference so far, and it's been a productive meeting for everyone. I want to talk a little bit before I introduce our next presenter about med tech Pro. Medtech Pro is LSIs other product in addition to our events, med tech Pro is a market intelligence solution for investors, strategics and startups to get their market intelligence all in one place. LSI has been in the market intelligence business for 17 years now, we have been partnering with global leaders with trusted medtech market intelligence for over a decade. Today, I want to officially announce the relaunch of our Medtech Pro platform, we're going to say goodbye to chasing data and hello to the new Medtech Pro. As with any market intelligence firm, we do have a process for how we collect our data, synthesize it and present it to our clients. It involves rich datasets, a comprehensive analysis that lets you unlock true intelligence on the med tech industry. I think what really makes LSI different from the other med tech market intelligence firms out there is that we're not just collecting data that's all across the internet. It's not just primary research. We're pulling together our network that come together at these events. And we're leaning on that network to drive our intelligence. Not only that, we're also the analysts. I'm an analyst by trade. So when you talk to us, you're talking to the analysts making the intelligence. Medtech Pro is a full suite of solutions. We have a library of reports that we've been making for years now. We also offer a global surgical procedure volumes database that covers surgical procedure volumes in 37 countries. We have our startup tracker database, which is like crunch base, but way better. And we also are developing custom market agents that provides you with the specific intelligence on specific markets that you need to know about. Our offerings are flexible, ranging from single licenses, enterprise licenses, but we're also proud to announce today that we will be initiating a startup program soon, that allows the innovators at conferences like LSI to come to us and help us leverage their intelligence to develop the ecosystem. This program will be at a price that is reasonable to startups we know that funds are tight. So we look forward to working with all the innovators here and in across our entire ecosystem to power this next stage of Medtech Pro. I want to thank you for your time. Medtech Pro is going to be the intelligence for the decisions that save lives.



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