Nick Ross Presents Cavenagh Health at LSI Europe '23

Cavenagh Health is a specialist Life Science talent partner for innovators.
Nick Ross
Nick Ross
Co-Founder, Cavenagh Health


Nick Ross  0:05  
Hi, good morning. So thank you for joining. I think the first big statement to start with, and I think every executive is in this room and any VC that I work with. This is true that the quality of your team is the determining factor to the success or failure of your organization. And we at Cavenagh Health specialize in building early stage life science organizations, when we founded the business, and we looked at how to have true impact on the ecosystem and the sector, we were always drawn back to early stage organizations, companies that were innovating and changing the way things worked, but needed, teams that could adapt quickly, that could pivot that had the ability to change the paradigm that we worked with him. We specialize in building companies top to bottom, supporting them through bringing in the right talent within the business, but also helping that business go through the journey. Taking what we've learned through the partners that have seen success, and applying that into the businesses that we work with. We founded Cavenagh Health three years ago. Since then the partners that we've worked with have raised in total, just under $500,000,000.82 assets we've taken to market and we've still maintained a 100% success record on our return search. The way we deliver this is by being a true partner to the organizations we work with. It's stepping away from this typical transactional relationship you have with your partners and being embedded within the culture of the organization. It's the difference in having excellence throughout your board. It's the difference in having excellence throughout your your executive team. But I think it truly runs from top to bottom. Each person within a sub 200 person business has the ability to move the needle has the ability to change that company's future, and its ability to reach success. We tie ourselves to our partners. Our mission is your mission. We live and breathe that the reality of your pain and your challenges. But also the opportunity as we know and our economics to our model is really simple. We know by building great teams, those teams will see success and as a byproduct will continue to grow. And we grow because they grow. We've changed the way executive search works in our industry by supporting a very small handful of clients and taking them out internationally and building their reputation within the market. As it stands, we support companies across the UK, mainland Europe in the US. We have partnerships with a number of leading European investors, the likes of MVentures, BI Ventures, Fulbian. We we've supported companies and built them top to bottom taking them from concept through 200 people, organizations, companies that have now from a concept taken a product truly to market and achieved exits. We're here to build teams that truly change the way the industry works that go on to have impact, see returns for investors and ultimately lead to patient impact. Thank you for listening. I'd like to introduce to the stage, Phil Maron on the COO of Sharpview Ophthalmology

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