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Cavenagh Health is a specialist Life Science talent partner for innovators.
Nick Ross
Nick Ross
Co-Founder, Cavenagh Health



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I'm the Co-Founder at Cavenagh Health, we specialize in building early stage life science companies. We're true venture builders, we partner with a number of the leading investors in Europe in the US in taking their portfolio companies through to achieving patient goals and investor milestones. The measure of success for Cavenagh Health has always been around impact. It's always been around this ability to build teams that translate through to patients. And for us to achieve that, and we're a business that's now successful in the UK, Europe and the US, but it requires us to continue to establish a physical footprint in the US. So come 2025 we'll be looking to establish our base in California, as we continue to expand the business. I think for us, and as a business, we always look at our impact. We think about our ecosystem, we think about how we can add value to it, and part of that is being involved in conferences like this that are crucial to the development of the the industry, those interconnections between investors, organizations and service businesses are paramount to the rapid development of where we're going. And for me, therefore, it's crucial that cabinet health sponsors, organizations like this, for me coming out of LSI Europe is all around having meaningful meetings and conversations. We're a day in and so far, like the combination of corridor conversations with people that are old friends and new relationships we've started to build. It's been massively beneficial. Cavenagh Health's mission is purely our mission is your mission. We partner with early stage organizations and our focus and our goal is building teams and connecting them with the people they need in order to accelerate their ability to impact patients and achieve investor returns. And I think that ties incredibly well to LSI's mission of having an impact on the ecosystem and fundamentally impacting patients.

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