Maysa Mustafa Presents Ceretrieve at LSI Europe '23

Ceretrieve is developing CathTrap, a uniquely designed aspiration catheter that offers improved handling, enhanced clot aspiration, and improved retention of clots during removal.
Maysa Mustafa
Maysa Mustafa
CEO, Ceretrieve



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Thank you. Great to be here and talk about Ceretrieve because during stroke each second counts for each minute stroke goes untreated, 2 million neuron cells die. neuron cells help us do daily tasks like walking, talking, breathing, eating and thinking. Let me tell you a story about patient 01-07. 50 years old man, father of three, and it's elementary school principal, was celebrating the new years with his family and had a stroke. At 1:30am He was admitted to the hospital. He had his CT scan, which showed acute ischemic stroke. He was prepared taken to the cath lab where an angiogram showed three occluded vessels. A clot starting from ICA large artery continuing to MCA medium vessel, then to into a small vessel. It's equal to three procedures doctors usually need to use different devices with different sizes to the to three different vessels, but it was decided to use Ceretrieve's device to treat 01-07 and 25 minutes later, all the three vessels were fully opened and blood flow was restored completely to the brain. Hello, I am my Maysa Mustafa and I am the CEO of Certrieve. At surgery we developed and advanced aspiration catheter to improve the ischemic stroke treatment. We are about saving lives, decreasing this abilities and improving the quality of life or the stroke victims. Our goal is to become the doctor's first choice device when it comes to treating ischemic stroke by offering a complete treatment with superior performances in one single device. For treating ischemic stroke and endovascular treatment called neuro thrombectomy. The first thing you need to reach the occluded vessel in the brain where the clot is, which is extremely challenging because our brain our vessels in the brain are torturous and delicates. Those the smallest the device, the easier to navigate and faster to reach. Another challenge is different plot types different compositions, different sizes and length. For example, to remove hard plots from the brain, it requires applying more force to remove. And when removing long clots, it's challenging as well because it has a higher risk to fragment and spread into other vessels causing new strokes or worsening the current stroke. The problem is that doctors don't know what kind of clots they are facing. So they usually use different thrombectomy devices like standard Traver aspiration catheter and balloon guide for protection and usually need to have multiple passes changing the devices and changing the strategy of the treatment. And meanwhile, the patient is losing time and losing brain cells. Here's comes to Ceretrieve it let's start with device it at eight navigates in small size. By reaching next to the clot it expands to the vessel size and with maximum power aspirate the clot without fragmenting it and remove it safely from the brain. When stroke occur at 3am simple easy to use device is crucial. So instead of replacing devices and replacing sizes, we provide all current sizes in the market and more in one single device. By expanding according to the vessel size, using the handle with the device, we we provide maximum aspiration force because the force, the more the bigger the surface area of the catheter, the more force it applies. Actually, we provide the most powerful aspiration catheter for the brain without compromising delivery. And our clinical data is excellent. We had a 11 patients in first in human clinical trial and two centers. And with 100% of these patients, we were successful in removing the clot, including all blood types compared to 82% success with current procedures today As with current devices today, and in 91% of these cases, we were successful in removing the clock in one single pass compared to 56% with current devices today, it means that the other 44 device present with other devices it need multiple paths is going to the brain up and going out few times in order to successfully remove the clot. And yes, we are about improving quality of life. 80% of our treated patients has significantly recovered compared to 50% with current devices today. They the neuro thrombectomy market is growing rapidly and expected to reach more than $1 billion and few years from today, but it's still massively under treated last year, or up to 30% of the eligible patients in the US and Europe were treated with mechanical thrombectomy. I biomedical engineer with MBA and 17 years experience in medical device development, from a development to taking different devices from development through commercialization. And I'm joined with an excellent team with many experience many years of experience and product development, a commercialization and acquisitions. Our chairman Dr. Amir Belson, with a background of Pediatric Nephrology and serial medical device entrepreneur founded multiple medical device companies and three were acquired, and our CTO Yuval Suppori, mechanical engineer with 30 years experience in developing medical device in many companies in Israel, including acquired companies like Valtech Cardio and Cadent and Accurate Medical. And our Scientific Advisory Board, including Professor Nogueira led Carell in the field and responsible for a landmark trials that shaped the treatment and the field to the way we have today and a leading a neurosurgeon Dr. Shailaja Shan from Israel and Professor Sardarge from Turkey who had conducted the first in human clinical study at their site. In addition to our current focus on neuro thrombectomy today, Ceretrieve Technologies applicable to different fields like PE, polymer embolization, coronaries and peripheral. We started Ceretrieve in 2017. We completed our first in human clinical study. Today we are conducting a pilot study in multiple sites with the second generation device and gearing up for the pivotal clinical study. For that we are seeking $20 million to complete our pivotal study and regulatory submissions. And we expect to be in a position for an acquisition after regulatory approvals and initial sales during 2026. Remember, our patients are 01-07 the school principal, I'm happy to tell you that he fully recovered and he was able to get back to his job this semester. And this is what Ceretrieve is about not only saving lives but improving the quality of lives for this dropbear patients. Thank you looking forward to talking to you during the meeting.

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