Maria Shepard Presents MedExecWomen at LSI Europe '23

MedExecWomen is a non-profit organization that empowers female executives to accelerate the positive impact of medical devices, diagnostics, drug delivery, and digital healthcare around the world.
Maria Shepard
Maria Shepard
Executive Board Member, MedExecWomen



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My name is Maria Shepherd. My day job is MediVantage, we do medtech marketing strategy, like helping investors with their value propositions. And their, their investor decks, and helping investors do their due diligence on whether or not the technologies they're looking to invest in, really will hit the market successfully. Because sometimes, as we all know, they don't, but my passion, and by the way, I love what I do. But my passion is MedExecWomen, I'm a co founder of med exec women. And the goal of our organization is to create a community where none existed before for executive level women to be able to pull up more women into the medtech space to be and create opportunities for women in medtech, because there just really aren't enough women in our in our industry. So our mission is to be to advance the impact of executive level global female leaders in medical devices, diagnostics, drug delivery, and we're changing it from digital health care to to healthtech, because that's what the trend is. So thank you, Kelly, for being able to recognizing how important the work we're doing is, and this is my, this is my clicker here. And, and at creating an opportunity for today, and for tomorrow morning, at breakfast tomorrow, at breakfast, at 730, we're going to have an all female executive panel talking about the strategies of that they use to be able to advance their businesses. And this type of session is very similar to what we do at MedExecWomen in our all day strategy meeting, which next year will be on April 2, but I'll talk a little bit more about that in just a few minutes. So as I said before, we're empowering executive level women, our goal is to increase the value brought to healthcare by female executives. We know that there are a lot of really great women out there who are looking for the opportunity to advance in medtech and for one reason or another don't get that opportunity. We think that having a higher level one organization, one that allows more of a top down selection process and a bottom up process, we'll be able to help move more women into medtech up into medtech at willowblue. We believe we can strengthen gender diversity with a visible female leadership pool will support female executives as they navigate ambiguity. And we know there's a lot of ambiguity in our space, because it's changing so rapidly. And and there's so much complexity, as our markets change so, so, so rapidly, we're committed to supporting female executives, by creating venues to work or to network, to refine our leadership skills and to develop relevant expertise. And I'm going to, as I go through these slides, I'm going to point out the people, the women that are in these slides, because that's as important to this audience as talking to you about what the organization is about. So on the left, excuse me on the right, on the left in this picture, is Rebecca Schachter. She's the GM of Nuance, which was acquired by Microsoft as they work as hard as Microsoft has been working over the years to develop expertise in the healthcare space. They acquired Nuance. Nuance is the company that brought us the ability for doctors and all of us actually to be able to voice text rather than have to type out our information. In the middle is Jennifer Kozak. She's a business development VP for Johnson and Johnson. And on the right is Heather Knight and she is the president of the largest division of Baxter International, mostly in the infusion division but also in some other smaller divisions that Baxter seeks to grow. She's a real leader in Baxter, and was leader of the last big acquisition that they did have Hillrom and she is a very, very strategic person, the purpose of this particular session Ben wants to talk about multibillion dollar acquisitions in medtech. And each of them have been involved in very large acquisitions in medtech. So the theme for our last meeting, which was in May of this this year, was growing your business yourself and your leaders, we wanted to really focus on growing our businesses and and your own personal self, because we've had a lot of turbulence in the med tech industry in terms of being able to, you know, having lots of layoffs, a lot of changes in leadership. And so we always start with a patient keynote, it's important to understand remember that we always are here for the purposes of patients, and that in fact, we are all patients. And that was the first panel that I just talked about, what are the implications of multibillion dollar acquisitions in medtech? What are the strategies behind it and the outcomes from them. And then in panel number two, we talked about growth expectations for the life sciences market, and Boston Scientific was on that panel, as well as one of our our board members, Jennifer Carter, who is an investor for sandbox industries, we're trying to get as many investors represented in our own in MedExecWomen because the investor industry is so critical to the med tech industry. BCG is one of our sponsors. And we also had Kayla Krumb who is a partner. I'm trying to remember for which company, but but, but anyway. So, the second one, we did an executive interview with Mary Beth Moynihan, also an adviser to MedExecWomen. She's the Chief Marketing Officer, and Senior Vice President of Boston Scientific. And then we did two breakout sessions. You know, we pretty much target VPS, the C suite and board members, for MedExecWomen, and we wanted to be able to talk about how if you're a VP, how do you get yourself into the C suite? If you're in the C suite? How do you get yourself into a board? And so we had some of these executive level people like Lisa Constantine from Boston Scientific, she's the VP of global Talent, Martha Shaden, who is a board member and as a serial entrepreneur. And then recruiters who also recruit for boards and for the C suite, and both moderate both of these were moderated by board members for for MedExecWomen. On panel three was business resilience in a time of uncertainty, and as you all know, we've had some times of uncertainty. Kathy Berzak was a former CEO of KCI. And Zimmer Biomet is an important company in the orthopedic space. Katie Fisher is Vice President of Strategic customer management at Johnson and Johnson and BCG moderated that for us. Then we had another Johnson and Johnson person from Ethicon. And Anita Ken, talking about inspiring the future generation of female leaders. We have a lot of women drop out of medical medtech at after middle management, that's not a good thing. So we talked about how do we retain this talent and get them into the upper echelons of medtech. And, and our moderator was Helen Roth, who was also our, one of our board members. Oh, and one other thing, woman over here in the blue jacket on the right, that's Ellen Zane, former CEO of Tufts University, a board member of Boston Scientific, very prominent across the United States in terms of influencing boards, and and she's been on our agenda for a couple of years training us all about how to set our expectations about how to be on boards, what what are our rules and expectations. And how am I doing on time? Am I have I gone over? Yes. Then I'll leave it with this. I just wanted to say we had Marta's guys and he Barcelona's own person but Best Buy GE Healthcare. And we also have thought leadership series that we would like to bring over here to the EU. So our next date for the MedExecWomen will be on April 2 in Boston. If you take a look at that QR code on the right hand side, please snap that you can take that and it'll take you right to registration so you can get on our mailing list. I'd like to announce our next person to be able to speak Sujit Dyke, of Gyder Surgical. Thank you very much and come on up.

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