Montserrat Puig Presents Barcelona & Partners at LSI Europe '23

The company support companies, from scale-ups to multinationals, which can have a direct impact on the economy of Barcelona to explore and access the city´s dynamic local ecosystem, talent pool and assets.
Montserrat Puig
Montserrat Puig
CEO, Barcelona & Partners



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Everyone, my name is Montserrat Puig, and I am glad to be presenting the next nine presentations of the day. But first, I will introduce Barcelona & Partners. The company which I am the CEO. Barcelona & Partners is, as it's very well says here, selective agency that aims to attract innovative companies to the Barcelona greater area. So basically, we are focused on five strategic areas, which are advanced manufacturing, life sciences, digital tech, gaming and smart mobility. So, or climate tech, why those five strategic areas because basically are the five areas, the five growing value areas in the world, and most importantly, because Barcelona has a very strong ecosystem and benefits to offer to all those companies, for instance, yours that want to set up operations in Barcelona. So basically, what we do is we identify which are the companies that are at that stage that very soon or they are already thinking of expanding operations to Barcelona, One of those type of companies are a scaleups. Okay, so scaleups are companies that have already raised Series B or Series C of funding, and we target all those companies in that stage in the world. And then we contact them to present Barcelona's value proposition in those areas I mentioned. And those companies, as you very well see here, we have them identified, which they are, where they are located. And then we go there, and we try to explain what Barcelona can offer to them. So 20% of the companies, we have mapped them in San Francisco Silicon Valley area, 10% of them around New York and Boston area, and 13% in in Shanghai area, some of them in London, around London, in Paris, of course, there are many other ones. And if there are companies that come to us, we also offer our services. Our services are for free. So we are a nonprofit agency, we are a private one, backed by a main companies are competitions here in the city and in Spain. And we are also supported, economically speaking and strategically speaking, by the many institutions, the Catalan Government, Barcelona City Hall, and other ones. As I mentioned, we are focused on attracting scaleups. We are also focused attracting on hubs, innovation and IT hubs of big corporations and also strategic events. When we are talking about strategic events, we can say for instance, that we were the ones that pushed in accomplished to come to take to the city, the America Skype, for instance, that will take place next years, or some other ones. Some other ones for instance, are we are pushing very hard together with the Catalan Government with the Spanish government and private companies to build semiconductors, Advanced Materials semiconductors and factory here in Barcelona that I can tell you more about one of the main applications will be life sciences. And we already have some private companies that have backed the project and we'll be operating in that semiconductor manufacturing company. So, these are some of the examples of the companies that are backing up us. Some of them are local companies, some of them are international companies and also the private institutions. Up to now, we are only one and a half year old company. We have already attracted 17 companies to the city from all over the world and the America SCAP. These are some of those examples, life sciences. As you can see, there are several examples of Life Sciences AstraZeneca R&D Development Hub, which is sitting up here with more than 1,000 employees, (another one) and other ones in other industries. And basically, as I mentioned, we also identify initiatives that are key for the development of the industries and the ecosystem. And as I mentioned, we are boosting this team's facility The factory and innovation facility because we identified that there is a gap from design to high volume manufacturing semiconductors in the area. So, we are covering this gap and proposing this initiative here. We also attract and collaborate with different events. So, one of them is this great event. So, basically, if you have any questions, Dubs, you want more information, how the city can offer you these possibilities, how you can get benefited from not only the ecosystem, the connections to the ecosystem, the tax incentives or even the European fund incentives, please contact us. So here you have our LinkedIn so that you can you can contact us and other than this, I will be very glad to introduce our next speaker

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