Ludovic Le Meunier Presents THERYQ at LSI Europe '23

THERYQ specializes in the design and production of linear accelerators for radiotherapy.
Ludovic Le Meunier
Ludovic Le Meunier



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So I'm going to be coming here and I'm going to present to you my company, which is called THERYQ. So with one in six deaths being attributed to cancer, which is roughly about 10 million people per year. And staggering global costs reaching 25 trillion by 2050. Cancer is definitely a leading cause of death for right. And it's has a huge burden on the society. So Tarik has been falling on the vision, but we want to drastically reduce votes figures. And that's why investing in THERYQ means investing in a cure for cancer. So there are several ways to treat cancer and one of them is called radiotherapy. So we've radiotherapy you use particle loaded with energy to destroy the tumor. This is the second most use cancer treatment after surgery. And it works pretty well. Because why your therapy just cures 40% of cancer patients, however, you still have 30 to 40% of tumors, which are still resistant to radiation, which lowers the efficacy of the treatment and the survival rate of the patient. And on top of it, right or therapy requires many session of several minutes, and has a lot a lot of short to long term side effects. So both side effects come from the fight. But when you destroy the tumor, you also have an impact on the healthy tissue around the tumor, but what we call toxicity to healthy tissues. So if you could reduce this toxicity, if you could reduce the impact on the healthy tissue, then you could give a greater amount of radiation a greater amount of energy to the tumor, providing a more efficient and a better tolerated cancer treatment. Well, at THERYQ, we have the solution and it's called flush radiotherapy. So THERYQ flush radiotherapy is a groundbreaking imaging technique, we we've we can treat the patient in a single session of a fraction of a second. And we can do that because how machine is 1000 times more powerful than the conventional radiotherapy machine. And that's where the magic arrive, you know, that's where it comes. When you treat the patient so fast. When you give the energy so fast to the tumor, well, you still have an impact on the tumor, you destroy the tumor in the same way that you do it with commercial radiotherapy, but you are far less toxic to the healthy tissue, but mean far less destructive side effect. And if you put all of this together, we stearic flush radiotherapy machine, you get the ability to better treat consoles, but also to treat more consoles. So after hundreds of promising clinicals pay clinical studies, sorry, a first patient was treated using Terex machine in 2018. So these patients had the Kootenay snap formula which was resistant to all available treatments at the time. The poor guy I think had like dozens and dozens of regular conventional radiotherapy session and non work. Well II had one session of flash radiotherapy, and the tumor is gone. So the treatment was successful. And up to now there is no tumor recurrence and no side effects. And you know, you see the bad tumor on the left here and look five more fair, the tumor is gone. There is no scar or nothing. And for this guy that was on his arm, but let's imagine if this is on your face. Okay, so let me share with you the name of this amazing machine and its big sister. So let's begin with flush knife. So flush knife is a type of machine we just kill the patient with that just show you so this machine is capable of treating superficial tumors to tweet something metal deep in the body. We flush radiotherapy and we can also use another technique called intraoperative radiotherapy. So we are getting into clinical trial by the end of this year in four different centers across Europe's. Anyway, it's not working well. Here we go. So these slides shows the different steps that we have to go to put this machine on the market. So we expect to get CMR by 26. Then the following year FDA approval and finally we will also address right away the Australian market because skin cancer is a big issue. There we go yes, on a switch. Thank you very much. Okay, so that was flush knife. Now let's talk about the big sister of flash deep it's even worse. Next, please. Okay, thank you. So flash now You know it's already a great machine you can do a lot of thing can trade skin cancer but somehow limited by his depth of penetration. Okay, so that's why he's it's allocation are restricted to superficial tumors and interpretive treatments. Well we flash we will overcome this limitation with the use of very high energy electron, like the energy will be around 100 to 200 MeV, which is about 10 to 20 times even more powerful than the already super powerful flash knife, and we flash NIF does did sorry, we will be able to treat every kind of solid tumors anywhere in the body. So flash deep quartz technology has been developed by CERN, the world leader in particle physics, and has been developed for fundamental particle research. So with the use of this technology, we can make flash deep, compact enough to be installed in the heart of the hospital. And thanks to the exclusive agreement that we have with CERN. Do we think that Tarik is years ahead of any potential competitors? Well, again, like we flush knife, we flush deep we know where we're going. You know, we're going to install one machine in the Luzon University Hospital in 2025, when another one's next year in VNC, to Gustavo is in Paris, and the selection of the American side is going on right now. So let's talk for a few minutes about the clinical application of Tarik flush machine. Let's start with last night. I talked about it already skin cancer, we can do melanoma and non melanoma, okay, we can still treat the patient in one fraction of a second with no score. That's mean no plastic surgery, no horrible scowl on your face, then you can do that we flush knife, we flush knife, you can treat cancer, which are less than twice the amount of deep, what's mean it's for the extremities mostly. And you can also treat visceral concerns with intraoperative radiotherapy. Now flash deep. Well, again, you can treat all solid tumor with pleasure. But let me give you a few more detail. So right now we can treat with conventional radiotherapy, breast cancer or prostate cancer, and in many cases, we are successful. But the price to pay is a lot of side effects. And those patients have to live with a side effect for the rest of their lives. We flushed it, we will be able to treat prostate and breast cancer, but with far less side effects. And the voice patient will have a way better quality of life. And still remember, it's in one session of a fraction of a second. We flush deep we can also treat like huge tumor which are like 15 by 15 somnifera. And usually you cannot remove those tumors. And last but not least, we will be able to treat tumors like pancreatic cancers also, glioblastoma because we can give so much more energy to the tumor and voice concerns that have no therapeutic alternative available today. So not only not only with Flash radiotherapy, we place current radiotherapy, but he will also become the major clearing treatment of all studied consoles, we have to flush right Altera P devices. We believe that THERYQ is starting here for a particular solution. We can treat all type of cancer with solid tumors, including the ones with no therapeutic alternative available, because how machines are quicker, we can try to treat the patient in a fraction of a second how machine are better, we are less toxic, far less toxicity on the healthy tissue. And also we can give more radiation to the tumor and treat more cancers and also cheaper because you're past your patient come only once and you don't have to deal with the cost of the side effects. So that's why at THERYQ we think that flash where the therapy is definitely the future of cancer treatment. So thank you for listening. If you have any question, please come and find me and be more than happy to answer your question.

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