LSI On the Road with HealthTech Hang Community | San Francisco, June 2023

LSI is hitting the Road to Europe! We made our first stop in San Francisco, CA for a sponsored happy hour with Harry Goldberg’s HealthTech Hang Community at Southern Pacific Brewing for an evening filled with networking, energetic conversations, and of course delicious beer.



Blake Matrone  0:08  

LSI is hitting the road and today we're in San Francisco, California at Southern Pacific Brewing. Tonight, we're sponsoring a happy hour co hosted with Harry Goldberg's Health Tech a community for a night of networking, discussions on medtech, healthtech and of course, delicious beer.

Harry Goldberg  0:32  

I'm Harry Goldberg, founder and host of Health Tech Hang. I'm here today in San Francisco with LSI. We're hosting a happy hour where people in healthcare, health tech, medicine, life sciences and biotech to come together via on Slack, LinkedIn and Twitter into real life to build connections and community.


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