Leyre Ruete Ibarrola Presents everSens at LSI Europe '23

everSens specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of solutions for the analysis of human respiration.
Leyre Ruete Ibarrola
Leyre Ruete Ibarrola
CEO, everSens



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Good morning, everybody. It's a pleasure to be here. I'm Leyre the CEO and co founder of everSens. We develop innovative solutions based on breath analysis to improve the lives of millions of people suffering from respiratory diseases. As respiratory patient journey is quite complex, let me introduce you a friend of mine, Ander, as an example, the beginning of 2020, he was finding it difficult to read while doing routine tasks. And after a consultation with his GP, he was diagnosed with asthma, a chronic disease with no cure. As for diabetes, the main objective is to maintain the disease under control. So he was prescribed a background therapy along with a rescue medication in case of suffering or attack. At annual checkups, his doctor didn't notice any changes on his health status. Until one day when we were at cinema, he felt really bad, he couldn't breathe, he felt like he was going to die. And even if you try his rescue medication, it didn't work. So we had to rush to emergency rooms with where he was finally stabilized. Unfortunately, the situation, I don't know. Okay, now, sorry about that. Unfortunately, the situation that we live with under is not uncommon, because more than 1 million people suffered a respiratory attack every day, and nearly 9000 die as a result. And this is the most catastrophic event for respiratory patients because it's potentially mortal, but also because is the main cause of lung function to decline, meaning loss of present and future quality of life. From an economical point of view, exacerbation must be avoided, because they cause a huge burden on the sustainability of health systems. So the key question is why they continue to fail to reduce the number of attacks? And the answer is here. If you analyze the patient journey, the risk factor of suffering and attack remains unknown, almost the whole time. Why? Because the most common source of information are symptoms like golf, sort of breath, but they poorly correlate with a conservation risk. And in fact, the main indicator for the domain risk factor, which is airway inflammation is not assessed in the 80% of patients at consultation, nor when they are on their daily lives. And it's quite a silly thing, trying to manage a chronic disease with yearly visits, while changes in patient status, of course, in a matter of days. So wouldn't it be wonderful if we can have this information on daily basis with something that patient can use at home easily? The reality is that nobody has achieved that. And this is because current devices and technologies are expensive, are bulky, and require a practitioner to conduct the test. So today, I'm very excited to sell you a revolutionary product. This is the day we've been looking for awhile, after years of intense work of research and development. So let me introduce you evernoa Mini. This is the first and unique device that will bring away inflammation analyzes to your home, because as you can see here, it is small, its compact, and it's very, very easy to be used by anyone anywhere. So let me tell you how meta analysis look like looks like. So you just need a disposable filter, your mobile phone and just breathe into the device like this. And this is all in just a few seconds, my airway inflammation is assessed, and the information is sent to our cloud collateral. And it allows us to determine several risk factors. So now, this information is served with the clinician and to the patient. So let's see how the base in your neck will change. A personalized diagnosis and treatment selection is possible by measuring airway inflammation or DB consultation. And based on the evolution of this parameter over the time at home remote monitoring, I mean, we can inform the clinician that the patient is not responding positively to the treatment. So he finds out that under In fact, his inhalation technique is not correct. So they improve that. And after that, once again, based on the evolution of the airway inflammation that you can see here that it's subsiding. We provide the clinician very important information about three things and they're responding to the treatment positively. The inhalation technique has been fixed and his adherence to the treatment. So he is sure now that the risk of suffering and exacerbation is decreased. And at the another day with the feedback that we provide to the patient, Andor there is also a word that he's doing things well. So, for the first time, clinical dietitians about how to reduce the risk of suffering and attack our data drivin on patients are engaged to take the control of the disease. We then compete over the current market sir, we expand the total market share from specialized care we're currently airway inflammation is assets, like for example with our device ever Norway's which was launched in 2020. But we will reach underserved markets like primary care, where more than 530 people are treated, and the Virgin settlements of pharmacies and home care. The total addressable market is 9.1 billion euros. But it's a very conservative estimation, because we have already taken into account the current markets with already reimbursements approved and only the already diagnosed population. But we need to take into account two things that 50% of respiratory patients remain under diagnosed, and the prevalence is increasing. So we will see our win in the next year in this market. And we align the interests of patients, providers, and payers with our business model that allows us to reduce the total cost of treatments, we have our b2b or b2b2c Software as a Service have hardware as a service because it's adaptable, and it covers and fits the current reimbursement schemes. We have complementary team with global experience, our CBO joins me today has more than 20 years of experience in the medical device sector and I have more than 10 years in the field too. And we are supported by an incredible team. We have strategic alliances in place, we are collaborating with AstraZeneca and with several hospitals of great prestige to accelerate the adoption of the Barnard solution. And those teams are led by key opinion leaders in the field of respiratory diseases. And we have also are really on board sorry, because I have passed this live as well in all of this has allowed us to achieve important milestones. We are commercial, we are selling in more than 14 countries with the first device that we launched it in 2020. And today with our evernoa Mini, we're providing a game changer because for the first time respiratory patients won't be alone in managing the disease because we can provide them the support they need to take the control of the disease. And all our technology is protected by our strong IP portfolio. And we have achieved all that a serene attractive margins for all the value stakeholders. So now we are ready to take the company to the next level to become the leader in airway inflammation analysis. So today here we are starting our Series A round. We are raising 5 million euros to deploy the complete Evernote solution and reach the target geographies. So if you want to join us in our journey to improve the lives of millions of people, we'll be delighted to talk to you later. So thank you

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