Laura Indolfi Presents PanTher Therapeutics at LSI Europe '23

PanTher Therapeutics is a privately-held oncology company with a proprietary treatment platform for solid tumors.
Laura Indolfi
Laura Indolfi
CEO, PanTher Therapeutics



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Thanks, everybody, and it's a great pleasure to be here in Barcelona to present our progress in PanTher Therapeutics. I'm Laura Indolfi. I'm the founder and CEO of PanTher Therapeutics, a clinical stage oncology company leveraging minimally invasive procedure to transform targeted and localized treatment for solid tumor. We have an early clinical evidence that our lead program is able to reduce tumor volume for pancreatic cancer. And we have a fast to market potential thanks to a 505b2 pathway, taking advantage of already known and approved approved drug and material. But the platform is based on a very broad transformational IP that allowed the technology to include an elute multiple different drugs, also the new novel immunotherapy or mRNA. tanks to the to to improve the ability of increased efficacy and reducing the side effects. We have recently been awarded a 14 million non dilutive grant from the state of Texas, and we intend to initiate a series B in the early quarter of 2024. We have assembled a leadership team that is very diverse and multi, and multi dynamics due to the complication and the complexity of our product. We have experts that understand both the medical device and the pharma industry know very well the technology as well as the drug development clinical pathway. As you can see from all of the logos on this slide, we are also extremely fortunate to have the support and being endorsed by renowned KOL both in the surgical medical and interventional oncology across the United States that really believe in the potential and the transformational benefits that our technology can bring to, to to cancer patients. So what are we doing, we are unlocking the full potential of oncology drugs by bringing them directly precisely at the tumor time at the tumor site, and retain them over a prolonged period of time. We are all very well aware of the side effect that standard systemic and oral chemo therapy have on cancer patients. And this is because only one to 5% of the drug actually reached the intended site with the majority of the rest and navigating the body and accumulating all of the other organs, resulting in liver failure, kidney failure, then eventually we'll bring the patients to their death rather than curing the cancer. We are challenging the status quo by embedding this powerful toxic chemotherapy drug into polymeric formulation that we can place directly at the site of the tumor, so that we can provide a continued and sustain it the drug exposure only what is needed that will increase tissue retention, reduce the offset of sites, target side effects, and allow also a better enabling of combination therapy. And we can do this selectively with every single organs. How are we doing this? This is because our technology is routed into a polymer dragging shape agnostic foundational IP that really tackle all of the challenges of tumor type, location and ideal treatment paradigm. We start by selecting the indication, we choose what organ we want to reach. And then we look in the clinical what route of administration we can leverage to access that organ that will dictate what type of form and shape our product can have. We can then decide what drugs how much of it and for how long we want to incorporate in our product. And as you can see these yields modular, fully customizable solution that can design they can allow for the design of the perfect product to tackle the specific clinical indication we have in mind. Our first product is for pancreatic cancer and we have a second product in development for lung. However the vision of Panther it's really to have every surgical cancer procedure being diagnostic staging open surgery for resection as a potential entry point for our platform solution. So that we can talk we can tap into the over 9 million cases worldwide, that there are annually indicated for surgery in solid tumor. We have a very truly differentiated platform because our products are flexible, meaning that they can fully integrate with minimally invasive procedure, eliminating the need to be applied only post resection with open surgery. We can provide unidirectional and omni directional delivery we tune it release profile and biodegradation rate of rate. This is is not possible with other products like hydrogel, orange, intravenous or intratumoral injections, and they're the adaptability of the shape allow us to have access to multiple organs. Our first product has been designed for pancreatic cancer with the route of administration of laparoscopic therefore, we have designed a very large biodegradable film that contains large amount of chemotherapy that can be placed directly at the tumor site and is already clinically validated. With the drug reimbursement level. This brings us to almost a 2 billion opportunity only in the new adjuvant cancer care for pancreatic if we consider also the adjuvant post resection, those numbers increase exponentially. Here is a short video of what we envision so the product is a bilayer there is a drug layer and a drug barrier behind is extremely flexible can do it with one hand so that you can fit into the trocar that the surgeons use for laparoscopic staging, and they can be left it behind after they visualize the state of the tumor as a Trojan horse, they can cover the entire area on top of the tumor, and the drug layer will start to degrading first allowing for accumulation only towards the tumor. The backbone is also fully degrading, eliminating the need for the removal of the product. And that is how we are leveraging a standard of care diagnostic procedure to start treatment early on at Day Zero for newly diagnosed naive treatment patients in pancreatic cancer. We have just closed our first in human phase one study on our lowest dose that has been demonstrating our physicians are very open to recommend. It fits perfectly into the treatment paradigm without disruption and is extremely safe for the patients there has been very well tolerated. And there has been non detectable level of the drug into the bloodstream. That was all that we wanted to do allowing for the accumulation of the drug at the tumor site. What we were not expecting to see in this very small cohort was a strong response in the direction of the drug release in all of the patients. This is a outline of what the tumor type the tumor was at during the diagnostic staging, the blue line identify where the our product was placed, and the purple arrow allow what the direction of the tumor of the drug illusion was supposed to be. Here is what the tumor looks like after the full degradation. They deflated like souffle in the direction of the treatment without any side effect for the patients. In a remarkable response at our lowest dose. We have a multiple read data readout and value creation in the next two years, we just received favorable FDA feedback that allowed us to start and planning for an IND submission early next year with the start of our phase two study shortly after. We have been building this technology for a decade. The platform was established at MIT in the lab of Bob Langer and Al Azhar Adelman and then the company is planted out and through their seed and series a financing brought the development of the first program all the way to the first in human studies, and our next phase to start. And our next series B will bring PTM 101 to phase two, development as well as bringing our second product to an IND filing. To summarize our opportunity highlight we have a novel therapeutic platform with multiple application in oncology with a strong issue IP that protected the platform in the broad sense and with an initial product in pancreatic cancer as first line treatment in newly diagnosed and non metastatic patients. The following product minimize maximize all of the learning from our fate PTM one on one product so that we can accelerate entering the clinic and our series B will supplement our non dilutive grant as well as including interest from strategic both from the robotic and the drug development company. In summary at PanTher we are bringing the fight against cancer to the target as well incidentally to Time Square, to really make sure that all of the patients get further cancer treatment is a benefit and orders and not their side effects. We are here for the rest of the conference. If you're interested to join us in our quest to improve cancer care. Please follow us. Find me to talk or follow us once we leave. Thank you very much for your attention.

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