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Kennedy Gennari, Greenlight Guru | Interview at LSI Europe ‘23

Greenlight Guru is the leading cloud-based platform to give medical technology companies an end-to-end software solution to deliver life-changing products to people.
Kennedy Gennari
Kennedy Gennari
Senior Manager, Field & Partner Marketing, Greenlight Guru



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Greenlight Guru is a suite of software products for medical device companies. So we provide a quality product, a clinical product, and an Academy product that helped med tech companies get to market faster and safer. Primary focuses, as we're closing out the year, we just today unveiled that we have our Medtech suite, including all three of our product offerings, one that we acquired a year and half ago. So really trying to get the word out about Greenlight Guru Quality, Greenlight Guru Academy and Greenlight Guru Clinical and the powerhouse, it's going to be for the industry. We've met a lot of now customers and now partners as a result of LSI. It's been pretty incredible to check out the attendees each year and realize that more and more of our customers are attending and those relationships started at this event maybe a year ago, maybe two years ago, maybe three years ago. And on the partner front, we've been really excited with the increase of CROs that are attending these events. Because of our clinical product that we recently acquired a year and a half ago, it's opened all these new partnering opportunities for us as well. I really enjoy the European version of it because it gives us an opportunity to meet a lot of people that we typically do business with virtually, and do it in one central location. Our goals are, of course to meet new clients meet new partners. I think the partnering app is a giant way that we are able to come into this event feeling like we're going to be successful, we came into this event with almost 30 meetings pre booked and then we continue to book them throughout the event. A big reason from the start that we began partnering with LSI was because we saw such a natural connection to our mission and vision. So green light whose mission is to improve the quality of life. And we do that through our software platform as well as being a part of incredible events that are looking to do the same thing. So every time we come back to these events, it has always been so inspiring to see all the innovators on stage all the service providers and really the team at LSI working toward that same mission to improve the quality of life for everybody in the world.

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