Kai Worrell Presents Veranex at LSI Europe '23

Veranex is the only truly comprehensive, global, tech-enabled service provider dedicated to the medical technology industry.
Kai Worrell
Kai Worrell
EVP, Corporate Development, Veranex



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Hey, everybody, I'm Kai Warrell, I'm going to be your moderator for the panel for the session, actually, and welcome. This is track two, I'm excited to be in Barcelona. This is my first LSI. But Veranex, is the firm that I work for I run corporate development for the organization. And it's an exciting thing to be a part of, I sold a company about two years ago, where l design a 45 year old family design firm, to Veranex. And that started a really interesting journey for us. Eight other companies like myself sold to Veranex and created one large organization. And it's been a really unique experience. It's the first time that a design and development organization came together with CRO capabilities to create a true end to end capability, where we work with hundreds of companies over over all the a number of geographies, and 1000s of technologies have come out of the collective firms that are now part of Veranex. So this has been something that we're really excited about. We are here because we really do well with development stage firms. We also work with multinationals. But the majority of our business is with development stage companies, oftentimes they come with us come to us with early stage challenges or at an inflection point, sometimes a study might be going wrong. And they need to find a CRO partner that has the right expertise. So will rescue studies. And oftentimes, they have a technological challenge that just can't be done in house. And they need a firm that's done this over and over and over again. So this is this is something that's really important to us. And we understand the milestones and some of the challenges associated with with being a development stage company, I've actually started a company and had it venture funded and sold, it's now part of Philips, and many of our other senior leadership have done similar things. So we really understand the lifecycle of a startup, the inflection points of value, some of the risks that's being taken on. And, and we're your partner through all of that. Since we became part of one organization, these nine companies, we've really worked to integrate these capabilities. And we're doing things that we never could have done as small companies. And that's my perspective on the company is an organization that can drive early development concepts into our preclinical lab in Paris, for example, or take a digital health product that where we might have just been doing the software development. And now we're doing the validation and the MDR registration and the regulatory strategy. We did a really large integration effort, one of the multinational clients that we work with bought a company for about a billion dollars this last spring. And we put a team of over 100 people on that engagement to help them integrate, bring suppliers into the into their QMS, do audits, and ultimately bring the technology through to commercialization and help them with manufacturing. So as a team, we're doing things that that couldn't be done before. And so we're excited to introduce Veranex to you if you have a chance to come chat chat with us. We've got a booth outside. We're going to be doing some events while we're here. And with that, we'll jump into the first presenter

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