Jeff Sirek, PRIA Healthcare | Interview at LSI Europe '23

Founded in 2012, PRIA Healthcare is the industry-leading strategic reimbursement, market, and patient access partner for medical device companies in the United States.
Jeff Sirek
Jeff Sirek
CEO, PRIA Healthcare



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My name is Jeff Sirek. I'm the CEO of PRIA Healthcare. PRIA Healthcare is a reimbursement services company. We help companies commercialize and work with prior authorizations here in the United States of America. We're here in LSI, Europe to help the European companies that are commercializing here in the US, people need to continue to, to understand who PRIA is, and you know, how we can affect and impact this business and how we help them at the end of the day, right, we feel like we're the, the missing piece of the gap between the technology and the commercialization piece. And it's important for not only the companies but the investors to, to understand how we can really help these companies, you know, get payments for their products, it's not easy here in the US. And and we have the ability to understand that the payer network, the you know, the structure of the organization, with the insurance companies, the prior authorization work, we have many, many individuals that have years of experience at work on this, we're a 10 year old company now, we work with over 100 companies in the past, and we feel like we can really come in and really bridge that gap of helping build a value proposition for these companies. We're meeting a lot of companies that now are trying to get to the US first right for us, we may not have have come to this, this opportunity, because these companies were commercializing in the European area first now with some of the changes in the regulatory fashion, and MDI, now we feel like we can really help these companies get to the commercialization stage in the US side of the business first. And that's why we're here today. And a lot of these companies also, we've met through many, many experiences here at LSI. This might be your fourth and fifth time that we met some of the same people very, you know, highly intelligent individuals, hardworking, passionate people that were helping reach their goals moving forward. Well, you know, for us, we're continuing to really establish ourselves as the go to reimbursement services company in the marketplace. And that stretches from ideation to commercialization, we've got a team now that that can help with the strategic landscapes of what you're doing the market landscapes, understand the the products, while we work in various different indications, we understand each of these indications that we're specialized in, and really help the companies, you know, create a pathway not only to create a story for the investment community, but to create a story that can be that have the longevity moving forward to make sure when they commercialize this product, that they get the reinforcement that they need, and why that's important for us, because every customer we bring on board brings technology to patients, right? Every time we work with somebody, every time that we guide somebody in a certain direction, every time that we we get to know the individuals of this company, we feel like we're helping them, build their companies and build their story and bring their special technologies to market. I think we can impact the attendees here at LSI in various ways. But as we mentioned before, we like to get in early in the process with our customers to understand what their goals are understand their technologies, and really help them create a strategy. And I think creating that strategy is going to help them make good decisions along the way, money is tight, it's difficult for them, this will help them really spend their monies the right way, get the right commercial strategy, if that's the case in the US and really find the right the right beacon and focus for how they're going to align their product moving forward. And, and really, in some ways having a wing man as they move forward in an area that requires a lot of expertise. I think LSI is is a unicorn in some ways, I think they're the the premier event to bring the investment community together with the emerging med tech community and bringing the resources together with years of expertise between LSI to really merge the the success in bringing these people together. Because this doesn't happen one time, right? This happens over a period of time with many different meetings and relationships that are built over over the period of these meetings. And, and I would recommend LSI to others because I really think that if you're in this ecosystem space of developing products, there is no better place to have here, maybe 650 People in Barcelona, maybe 1200 people in one spot that you have in the Dana Point location at one time, so I think it's very special in that way.

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