James Biggins Presents Access Vascular at LSI Europe '23

Access Vascular is developing a suite of venous access devices that use our novel, patented biomaterial which is designed to prevent the most common and costly complications in venous access.
James Biggins
James Biggins
CEO, Access Vascular


Jaume Sanchez  0:06  
Hello, thank you for having me here. Today, we will talk about our inclusive communications project. Raise a hand if use messenger apps. Raise your hand if you don't use messenger app. So as we see in this room, messenger apps are used by everyone. But what is outside of this room? What is happening outside of this room, we see that the messenger apps are used by almost everyone, more or less by 70% of the people worldwide are using messenger app. But why why are we using messenger apps if we already have a phone? We believe that this is because we can by using messenger apps, we can send and read messengers, messengers, whenever we want. So who's the rest that are not using messenger apps, according to the World Health Organization, 1.3 billion billion people in the world have some kind of disability, this is one in six of us. And furthermore, 600 million people can access to new technologies, because these technologies are not sweet for their your special accessibility needs. Maybe of you know him. And by looking at him at his picture, realize that these people has more to say, than bring me to the bathroom, or I want something to eat. And in fact, Stephen Hawking had a solution because 20 or 30 years ago, someone developed for him, our communication system face to face communication system. But as always happen today, 2030 years later, we still don't have a solution for everyone. And we can say that people with disabilities are more or less left behind. So what is the need, what is the need of distance communication is very obvious. Everyone is using distance communication everyday. So and this is not only a case of people with disabilities, we have caregivers, businesses, institutions, that wants to connect with them, and they want to access the patients in a faster way every every every day everywhere. So they want need the the need faster and offer a better service. We have already some kind of alternative communication for people with disabilities, but it is based on pictograms. This is very useful use, for example, in the US by more than 2 million people. But it is communicating with pictograms is used for learning and for face to face communication. So for distance communication, we need something else. We need something faster, and easy, easier to use. That's why we are developing our first inclusive messenger application worldwide. And we will use pictograms as well. But we combine these pictograms with AI to make the communication easier and faster to communicate. So we are using AI and autocomplete AI is suggesting answers to the to the questions of the of the caregivers. Our application can be customized to the needs of the user to the special needs of the users and runs in tablets, cell phones and later on AR glasses. In this video we will see our application being used by patient or caregiver. The patient is using pictograms, and the caregiver is answering like in a normal WhatsApp with text and voice. So Thomas is using pictograms as you see. And then Andy is answering with that just with the same software. Well, as I told you before, we need to scale this this dissolution everywhere. So that's why we are offering very affordable business. Very affordable pricing based on our subscription. And we offer also b2b. We are also in b2b because the foundation's caregivers, businesses wants to connect with these people and they need also other stuff A business like advanced reporting, or asset management. Well, I don't want to bore you with the market size and so on. But I have, as I told you before, 600 million people in one side, on the other side, much more. So this is a lot. And we are first concentrating in Germany and Spain maybe later in the US. And we expect to have 1 million euros markets share by the end of 2025. We have analyzed our competitors, we have, for example, messenger apps. messenger apps are free, already scale and special for business communications, but but they are not inclusive. And on the other side, we have pictograms devices that are very useful for inclusive communication, but they are not good at distance communication. And they are not scalable, because they are too expensive for for for all. And this is our team. We are an international team with different backgrounds, and with a patient for innovation, sustainability, and social progress. Every one of us has worked before in social projects. And well, this, what I can tell you is that we are attracting a lot of talent just because of our mission we have. They are asking us to join our team. And if I can tell you why. This is just because of our mission. roadmap after 20 years developing innovation innovations, I know that our roadmap is very hard to fulfill. But what we know today is that we have already our better version, we have already our first first 20 customers in Germany. And by the end of the year of beginning of next year, we will have we will release the application in the Apple and Google Play Store. Later on, we will introduce other technologies like like AR glasses for the people that cannot have no mobility on the hands. So one year ago, almost one year ago as we began the journey we were alone. Today, it looks like this. We have a lot of partners, customers and institutions that are helping us. For example, in Germany Stiftung, ICP Munich is a foundation that cares for people with disabilities and are helping us quite good. And on the left side on the right side, sorry, correct. We have become alarm. The alarm makers is a global movement that works improving the lives of people with disabilities. Well, working in this project is amazing. We enjoy every day. But this is also very challenging. So we need help. We need help for from investors. We need help from innovators and foundations. So if you want to join us, help is just a text away. Thank you very much.

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