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Cavenagh Health is a specialist Life Science talent partner for innovators.
Henry Bell
Henry Bell
Head of Medical Technology Practice, Cavenagh Health



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We are a kind of business partner to early stage companies and venture capital firms, really were portfolio builders for them. So we are offered kind of talent strategies, and we do a lot of the executive search but also helped build top to bottom for for early stage companies across the medtech, digital health and biotech space, really kind of focusing on being a partner for them, and delivering kind of the key talent to allow them to hit their key milestones, getting the technology to the patients and health providers who really need it. And on the other side, working with the VCs, to help their portfolios, but also introduce early stage companies to them when they're looking to invest. So our mission is that we're patient focused in all that we do. I'm the son of two doctors, Father, orthopedic surgeon, mother and anaesthetists. So being in voting medicine my whole life and seeing the impact that technology can have on patients and also healthcare providers is is one of my kind of, you know, the, the main reason why I do this and enjoy it so much. So our goals for LSI are really to kind of connect face to face with the US partners that have been working with is the perfect ecosystem for our clients who we're working with a lot of the VCs and early stage companies that we work with, we're attending the dinners, the everybody's kind of interacting outside of the meetings as well. It's a great atmosphere sponsoring this event, it allowed us to kind of get the the exposure that we're really looking for to kind of get again in front of really strong panels. I call him Nick was moderating in front of some really, really strong VCs who have just been raising funds, really getting that get that focus and getting to connect with them as well. It's been really, really useful as exec search and headhunters there's nothing more rewarding than seeing somebody that you bring in have an immediate impact on their business and allow them to accelerate their milestones and get the product out and get it get it to the market.

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