Eric Schantz, Medtronic | Interview at LSI Europe '23

Eric Schantz sat down at LSI Europe ‘23 to discuss his role with Medtronic and why Medtronic decides to attend industry events like LSI Europe '23.
Eric Schantz
Eric Schantz
VP, Corporate Development, Medtronic



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I'm Eric Schantz. I'm a Vice President of Corporate Development at Medtronic, I spend my time covering the cardiovascular space and help those businesses with external transactions, primarily mergers, acquisitions, my focus is global. We are based in the US. But we spent a lot of time across the globe, we benefit from a very global presence, we try these events to make sure that we're staying engaged both internationally as well as in the US. But it's my first LSI. I've heard great things about it. So my colleagues had been here, I wanted to see it for myself, I think it's important to engage, particularly for me, with some of the companies that are based in Europe, I think it'll be easier to get together. There's a lot of new faces on the VC side as well. So it's important for for Medtronic to have a nice presence here. A meeting like this, I looked at me with all kinds of people, I think it's really important to stay close to some of the new innovative technologies, meeting the entrepreneurs is important. Love to hear what my peers that the other larger med techs are up to as well. And of course, there's the venture capitalists that we often deal with on the other side of the table when we're working on transactions. Yeah, LSI really ties in well with Medtronic's mission. Obviously, we recognize we can't develop everything in the world. There's phenomenal entrepreneurs out in the world that we need relationships with. And to do that, frankly, we have to acquire things and being here making those early introductions, really builds those relationships that we know will pay off in the future when the technologies are ready for us.

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