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Elena Cuatrecasas
Elena Cuatrecasas
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All right. So good morning, everybody. Thank you, Scott. And thank you to LSI for giving us the opportunity, first of being part of this wonderful event. And, and also to be able to introduce our firm to you. Cuatrecasas is one of the leading law firms in in Iberia. And it's the actually one of these lean law firms, the only one that has headquarters in Barcelona, okay, we love Barcelona, we are really proud of our city. But we also think that there is a still way to go, right, there's still potential. And that's why we really appreciate LSI to, you know, take the initiative to bring this conference here, because we think that these types of events are what can you know, take our city to the next level and to the next stage. I think that we are in a great momentum here for the medtech industry. We have really strong players in the health arena, from reputed hospitals, I think that we are going to be hearing to clinical for instance, after this presentation, historic local pharmas, also subsidiaries of multinational farmers in Barcelona, innovative biotechs, on the one hand, and then on the other side, we have a booming technology market in Barcelona and the combination of these two things, I think that you can really provide an unparalleled ecosystem. For the development and the success of the of the medtech industry, we really think that and Cuatrecasas wants to be a part of it right? I think we are already playing a roll of it. The only way that we can do which is assisting companies and investors in this industry. At the end of the day, right? Probably legal topics or legal issues is not the most favorite topic in this room, right. But at the end, I think that you also will bear with me that having a solid basis on your businesses and on your investments can really make a difference on the future of those businesses and investments. Okay. Having said that, let me just give you a few words about Cuatrecasas who we are, what defines us as a firm, and how we think we can help we can help you. Give me just start by giving you a few figures, which thing are illustrative. While we have more than 100 years of history, by the way, we are 1200 lawyers, and 1800 professionals in total. We are I think among the five largest law firms in continental Europe, we have 27 offices in 13 countries. And we have professionals of about 30 countries in the world. So I think that we can say that we are an international law firm, strong values and big focus on ESG. Here's the map where we have offices, our real business, let's say our main business is in Iberia, Spain and Portugal. And then in Latin America, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Mexico. And then we have other more type of representative offices, like in New York and London, for example. But rather than these figures, what I would like to just attain a moment in what I think that defines us, apart from, you know, the general aspects that you would typically look into large law firms, like a technical excellence, speed of delivery availability, or the hours of night and weekends or whatever. Apart from that, which is presumed I think, if I had to pick up to pick two aspects that I think that find Cuatrecasas, I would probably pick specialization and innovation, okay? Specialization, we are a client driven firm, we want to be close to our clients. We want to be able to anticipate the needs of our clients, right. And for that, I think that it's extremely important to know to some extent the business that the clients are in. And for this reason, we create a time ago, the industry groups in which we include lawyers from the different areas of traditional law, but that has an that have an expert and expertise in the in the sector. And in this context, we created the life sciences group in Cuatrecasas, which I'm chairing. And there we have course lawyers, transactional lawyers, IP lawyers, regulatory lawyers, competition, law lawyers, all the you know, different lawyers that you would need in your in your, in your progress in your in your businesses. Then innovation. I think that I can proudly say, even if this room, I will dare say that we are one of the most innovative firms in in in Europe, actually won the Financial Times award for the most innovative firms a few times. And, well, this is a strong statement, I guess. But there's a walk a walk in Excel to, to prove that right. Apart from the fact by the way that we are the only firm law firm and services firm that is located in Barcelona in the technological district. Everyone else is in the center, we are in the technological district. But apart from that, a couple of a couple of of examples of the innovation. One, we have a startup accelerator, it was the first one to be launched by a European law firm. We actually are right now in our eighth edition. And we have helped more than 40 startups, including in the health sector, I was yesterday meeting with one of the winners, one of these of this year, we have helped providing legal support and guidance. Okay. And the second, let's say, example is that we were chosen last year by Harvey. Harvey is the legal arm of OpenAI, ChatGBT, we were chosen to launch the pilot for the generative AI in the legal sector in Spain. Okay, and all of that, you know, with with, with intention of just providing a better service to the client and more efficient service to the client, and has also given us the opportunity which I think it's really important that to attract the and retain the best talent from from the universities. And just very quickly to end how can we help you? I mean, listen, we are a full service law firm we provide and with specialized teams as as I as I mentioned, so we can help you with any legal needs you may face along the way. To entrapreneurs and medtech companies, we can assist in the whole process from research and development agreements, partnership agreements, regulatory and IP aspects throughout the preclinical, and clinical phases. We advise in all types of commercial agreements licensing, manufacturing, supply, distribution promotion, we have compliance, of course, we have competition, tax and plumbing issues, the famous incentive plans, etc. We also of course, assist in the transactional part of the businesses of the of the projects, m&a, investment rounds that we advise both to companies and to investors, we have a very strong venture capital and private equity teams. And finally, of course, we can help you with the exit if everything goes well. And if it doesn't go that well in the ways to you know, close your project and start a new adventure. And this is all to us. You know, we are here and we you know, if very happy to help if you need any legal needs support along the way. Thank you very much.

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