David Marsalek & Milan Krojicek Present H2 Global Group at LSI Europe '23

H2 Global is a pioneer in using molecular hydrogen in the fields of healthcare (including biotech and medtech), wellness, beauty, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.
Milan Krajicek
Vice President R&D & Manufacturing, H2Global
David Marsalek
David Marsalek
President, H2 Global Group



David Marsalek  0:05  
Good morning, can you grown in Barcelona. My name is David. I am the president of H2 Global Group. Together with my partner and co founder Dr. Krajicek became from Czech Republic, where our company is based in the Czech hydrogen body. We are the global leader and pioneer in hydrogen technology such as medicine, biomedicine, biotechnology, and thanks to Forbes, we are more visible as well. Our company consists of a number of companies where each of the company has a specific purpose. We have quite big team. However, it's not big enough yet. These are the experts, hydrogen experts we have in the team. And we cooperate with universities with with the hospitals and special institutes. One of our biggest specialist experts in hydrogen is professor of TA who dedicated 17 years in the hydrogen research and together with his colleagues all over the world, they registered, sorry submitted more than 1600 studies, animal and human studies, out of 40 are his own studies. And based on the findings from these studies, we know now that hydrogen is a therapeutical gas and has a huge potential. So, this is the main reason why we are here because we have been researching for last 13 years together with my colleagues and the obtain some patents, as you can see very interesting patterns that we can actually now start using and we are using them already. And we have we have identified 10 areas where hydrogen can be used. And based on that, we have four pillars on which the company is actually standing. So this is how we generate the revenue products, devices, software and services. Recently, we obtained a certification ISO and we are in the process of preparing for registering first medical device in Europe for hydrogen hydrogen medical device. And at the moment, one of the patents we have we are first and only in the world using hydrogen and virtual reality for rehabilitation. And the size of the market. That's very interesting. Because up until now, the size of the market, we can calculate based on the of the findings from Japan. In Japan, hydrogen has been used in medical environments for last 16 years. So as you can see the size only in Europe and USA. It's quite interesting. And we are not a startup like we have no revenue, we are generating revenue for last six years. And recently we have been growing quite fast. And our sales forecast, as you can see, says a lot, means that we know what we are doing, where we are going. And we know our targets and our strategy. And we've been growing quite fast. Up until now for last few years, we have raised over 8 million euro and currently we're looking to raise around 20 plus million euro to use it for expansion and growth. Now I'll let my colleague to tell you more about the potential hydrogen. Thank you doctor.

Milan Krojicek  3:43  
My name is Milan Krajicek. And I'd like to present the very interesting effects of molecular hydrogen. We have three basic ways to use it. We can insulate, we can drink saturated water, and we can use tablets, for endogenous generation of molecular hydrogen. We have a lot of methods for evaluation. For breast test a typical analytical metals like HPLC or LE sockets. We have done a lot of trials, how to increase efficiency of molecular hydrogen with very low levels and we discover if he can inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. We have much higher levels of molecular hydrogen in our body. We are involved in Corona pharmacology respecting silica the Americans And we know very well now that our body is completely different in the morning and in the evening. Through the day, a lot of region oxygen species rise and fall do night they are completely eliminated. And a lot of oxygen species and nitrogen species are generated in mitochondria. Mitochondria are in inside of ourselves 1000s in the heart 1000s in brain. And now we know very well that in the past, maybe 2 billion years ago, it was independent bacteria are now in symbiosis inside of our body and still behaving like bacteria. By the way, do you know temperature of mitochondria membrane, it is still 50 degrees because 2 billion years ago, temperature of body of ocean was 50 degree five zero degree of Celsius. Maybe coming back to to the right picture. Because we remember it from elementary school that, for example, red blood cells, shelf life is three months, white blood cells, two weeks, our skin one month, and our body is completely renewing our bones we have 10 different versions for our life. And if we do mathematical average, we are 3 year old baby not the brain. I'm 65 my brain has 65 years but the rest is in average cheese baby, you are cheese or bell be you you you everybody here. So coming back to Chrono, we laugh, Chrono all disciplines, Chrono biology, Chrono pharmacology, Chrono pharmacotherapy, and so on. This is very, very important. Typical respect in oncology. This is one study where the old four colon cancer patients they received typical treatment with oxaliplatin five fluorouracil, leucovorin and glucose. And if you compare continuous infusion and timing here oxaliplatin in the afternoon, also will settle through the night, you you will have much better results close to double the same treatment, the same money completely different results similar results in leukemia with mercaptopurine. So, main target of use molecular hydrogen is to decrease toxicity of the medicine. One case study it is by myself because three years ago I received message you have been in contact with infected person I stopped my car I started isolation and measure everything. What was surprised for me that when I get fever I inhale molecular hydrogen and in one minute temperature body dropped to 76 76.9 degree in general six times. This is our discovery that molecule hydrogen has antipruritic effect. And you can compare it with a medicine like alternative salicylic acid or non steroidal drugs because it works immediately. Okay. And molecular hydrogen has no side effects. And one last information for ladies here. After some days you will discover that your skin is very very smooth. Thank you for your attention.


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