Danaë Delbeke Presents Indigo at LSI Europe '23

Indigo is providing an answer to the need for accurate and accessible chronic disease management solutions.
Danaë Delbeke
Danaë Delbeke
Founder & CEO, Indigo



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Good morning, and thank you to give me the opportunity to talk about Indigo. I'm Danaë, I am CEO and founder of Indigo. And Indigo is gonna revolutionize healthcare. So let me explain. You're all active in the healthcare sector, healthcare, investors, healthcare innovators. So you know that everybody is talking about personalized healthcare. Also, here at LSI conference, there were presentations about precision medicine, preventive care, personalized health care. And there's clearly good reasons for that. Because indeed, if you would be able to personalize how diseases are treated, if you can, indeed bring the treatment of diseases to the personal level, we can engage in preventive medicine, we can indeed tune the treatments to the person and get deliver better outcomes. And all of that we could do at a lower cost. But, and I think that's a pretty big bug behind me, there's a pretty big bet about that story. In fact, in reality, to enable personalized health care, you have to have the data, you need to get the data to make that happen. And more specifically, you need to have a view on the real time metabolite concentrations, your key metabolites, your metabolic fingerprint, that's your body language. And that's what's telling you what's going on in your body, and what you can do to solve it. And that's exactly the problem, because today, there is no real time metabolomic data available, there does not exist a real time metabolic monitor today. So let me bring the good news. That's exactly what Indigo is doing. So Indigo is developing the technology to deliver the data to enable personalized healthcare. We're in fact developing a window that's looking at your body language that's translating your body body language and actionable data. And that's exactly what's gonna help you to personalize healthcare. So what exactly is it that we're developing, we're developing a transformative product, it's in fact a small sensor sensor that sits subcutaneously inserted under the skin. And it's sitting there minimally invasively, continuously measuring your key metabolites. It's in fact, the smallest spectrometer on Earth. That's bringing the performance, the accuracy, the power of those big spectrum analyzers that are used today in the clinical lab, it's bringing that to the personnel life. It's a little spectrometer that's using light to measure it with tablets. So it's only using the lights, there's no chemistry involved no fluorophore force, and it's measuring there were metabolites are under the skin. There's many who have been trying and ours are still trying to measure through the skin, which, you know, through the skin, it's impossible to get the accuracies that are needed to really drive treatments at a personal level. Yeah, so that's what we're doing. And we're measuring a broad set of metabolites is glucose measuring, but it's also ethanol, creatine and ketones, lactate, lipids, it's in fact, the data that is needed for different medications to personalize the treatment of that disease. That was good news, and even better news that I can share with you. It's also working. So in our clinical studies, we have indeed shown that that sensor can as the only one in the world and for very first time, measure real time continuously multiple metabolites at the same time. This is data that we've measured with dozens of people living with diabetes. And we're measuring here, for example, glucose, lactate, ketones and ethanol all at the same time, with accuracies that are needed for clinical applications. It is clear that such a broad technology might unlock a world of opportunities. So many people are working to personalize healthcare. And these are a couple of applications indications where that might materialize. Together with clear view, we have looked at the opportunity, broke it down into little parts and makes a market assessment. And there's two near term tangible applications. That's diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Going beyond that. There's other indications like cardiovascular disease oncology, and even going further up. It might take a little longer to get there, but there's indications like muscular dystrophy, ILS, that might be very much be beneficially solved It's multi metabolites monitoring to steer the treatment of those diseases. And that's exactly what we're going to do, we are going to deliver the data that is needed to introduce personalized health care. And those indications. Of course, we're scale up, we're young, we have to focus step by step. And we've decided to focus on the nearest very tangible market, which is diabetes. Diabetes is a developed market, it's a 25 billion market, it's immediately tangible reimbursement is in place. And it is a big market, as you know, almost one on 10 people globally are living with diabetes. And there exists solutions today to measure continuously glucose. But frankly speaking, they kind of suck, no, they're only measuring glucose. And you have to wear a wearable device on your arm, which is in fact wandering around with a needle protruding your skin 24 hours a day. So people are using it, but they don't like it. So our solution is doing exactly that, but doing more and doing better. So that's a very tangible solution we have and that's where we're focusing on at the first time to access the market. Technology. And it's important that you have when you have a great ID, for me, it's important not only to have that ID, but also to be able to execute it. So I've been focusing a lot to get that team together that can make that idea and bring the solution to the market. And I'm not going to go over everybody in detail. But we've got a team with people who have been leading medtech companies, building multi billion medtech companies, we have people on board who have been making implantable medical devices for their, for their life. There's marketing experts, there's clinical regulatory expertise on board that will enable us to bring successfully that product to the market. So in summary, we've got that very exciting technology as a first being able to deliver multi metabolites, data continuously and real time. We have a lot of market opportunities and multi billion market opportunity that is there already. That's diabetes, and we have a super team in place. So I love you to talk about the next steps and work together with us to make it happen. We're at the core of fundraising our Series C. So happy to chat about possibilities to join us. I'm hanging around here. You can call me or send me an email, and we'll take it up from there. Thank you

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