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Claude Cohen-Bacrie
Claude Cohen-Bacrie
Founder & CEO, e-Scopics



Almog Aley-Raz  0:05  
All right, good morning. My name is Almog Aley-Raz and I'm the CEO and VP R&D of CorNeat Vision. Today, I'm honored to present you our disruptive, permanent tissue integrated technology. How many of you have been to the LSI event last year at the grove in the UK? How many? All right, for me, it was the first time and as I was preparing for the second round, I've looked at the year that passed in retrospective, and what a year it's been for us. Our first product, the CorNeat EverPatch, which displaces the use of tissue in ocular surface surgeries was recently FDA cleared. We also want two new grants from the US Army and the US Navy to commercialize our artificial cornea and our disruptive, permanent dental membrane. We graduated the US most lucrative accelerator program, MedTech Innovator, inaugurated our first cleanroom and validated our own production line. We exhibited in the US for the first time, and came out with 100 leads and registered a US corporation for the launch of our first product to market. We were successful in contracting close to 20 independent reps who are eager to present our devices to their customer base. We produced and released our first batch to market there's over a quarter of a million dollars in value in this picture alone. We successfully conducted our first sales meetings in luminary US clinical centers. All meeting resulted in us in US process progressing to the value comedies and purchasing first revenues. And first revenues are expected this quarter. So I'm here again 12 months later, the ability to permanently integrate synthetic materials with living tissue is no longer science fiction. So let's roll. CorNeat vision material technology overcomes the main issue with implants and implantables which is the foreign body response to a trigger. Naturally, our immune system will work to degrade and eventually absorbed biomaterials. Their continuing presence will result in their encapsulation. What we practically done is domesticated this response, leveraging it to our advantage or material technology. The ever matrix presents a paradigm shift in biomaterials. The Evermatrix is the first nondegradable completely synthetic biomimetic extracellular matrix, which is essentially the skeleton of our tissue. When implanted it practically goes under the radar for our immune system. Its special structure stimulates cellular proliferation that leads to full colonization. This material practically becomes part of the tissue and it doesn't go anywhere. Kind of our rebar mesh for reinforced cement. EverMatrix is a new type of material, not a scaffold, which is temporary. Its main advantage is permanency and tissue integration. It is superior to donor tissue and scaffolds in many other aspects. Ever matrix advantages are poised to disrupt the growing extracellular matrix market. Every surgeon we meet has several game changing applications for it in his own domain. We are very advanced in the atomic and delta spaces and are planning to expand to other fields by leveraging partnerships. The ever matrix disruptive tissue integration capabilities were proven in over 15 Different studies, in vitro in vivo and are also in humans. Here you can see histological evidence from the Subconjunctival space, demonstrating full parabola colonization and abundant color gender positions within our matrix. There is no capsule formation and indeed capillaries causing the way through the material, rendering it an integral part of the tissue. We observed similar results in subcutaneous sub gingival and sub heroes implantations. The latter confirmed the ability of our material to serve as an optimal membrane for guided tissue and bone regeneration and reveal the EverMatrix is osteoinductive which means that it integrates with bone tissue as well. Seeing is believing our material was evaluated side by side versus donor tissue in a human. We also evaluated it side by side versus process tissue in rabbits. As is evident here, ECM and tissue patches create inflammation and congestion and are eventually absorbed. While the eyes with our material are quiet and the material does not degrade. Our initial set of products will revolutionize the treatment for the respective indications. Each leverage the EverMatrix in a different way. If you're interested to learn more about them can meet me here at the event. Together to drive an exit potential that exceeds 1 billion US dollars. I can't help share it with you one slide about the CorNeat KPro, our artificial cornea. The colleague caper implant enables corneal implant patients around the world to fully rehabilitate their vision. Following a simple and straightforward implantation procedure without reliance on donor tissue. Our device, which is comprised of an acrylic lens is surrounded by an EverMatrix skirt, that biomechanically integrated to the eyewall. In January 2020, we hit a major milestones with our first inhuman implantation. Jamal are terminally blind 78 year old man who previously failed for transplantations, and didn't see for a decade, regain his sight and independence following a one hour surgery. Jamal is now almost three years post op, and since the bandages were removed, his vision is stable with no complaints of pain or discomfort. We've just initiated a study with 35 patients geared toward the FDA clearance and CE mark. A supplementary study with 55 patients is planned in China in 2024. As there are over 5 million patients they're waiting for tissue. Our go to market strategy is straightforward. The idea is to license or white label our material technology and made it make it accessible to the market as an ECM or as part of other implants. Yes, we do have three atomic products and IP for more, the segments service as well as a platform for validating our tech while generating significant income and social impact. Our financial projections rely on multiple revenue streams that are built bottom up based on conservative assumptions. Each product has a story, business plan and strategy. There's also a significant upside here given our patent platforms technology, broad applicability. We have a very strong and committed team with experience in business, clinical and r&d. And in a very well and distinguished set of key opinion leaders and in private primary investigators that are very well committed and are enthusiastic in supporting us. In the next two and a half years, we're going to hit several inflection points in terms of valuation and creates a significant opportunities for m&a, licensing white labeling with companies and strategics in the tissue and materials space of thermic space and dental space. We already raised $20 million and won $7 million of grants and are looking for value adding and investors that will join us in this amazing journey. Thank you

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