Claire Masterson Presents Caresyntax at LSI Europe '23

Caresytnax's vendor-neutral, enterprise-grade digital surgery platform is designed to help multiple stakeholders improve care delivery.
Claire Masterson
Claire Masterson
CFO, Caresyntax



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Good afternoon. I'm Claire Masterson, and I'm here to talk to you about Caresyntax. The mission of Caresyntax is to make surgery smarter and safer to help patients and caregivers when it matters most. So why focus on surgery? Over 350 million surgeries are performed each year, accounting for 29% of total healthcare spend, which is $2.2 trillion dollars. And yet, the operating room remains one of the most dangerous places on earth. In fact, it's second riskiest, only to the battlefield 5% of all surgeries resulting complications of which half of those are preventable. So why is this happening? There is a lack of systematic support for surgeons. When I get into my car with its blindside detections and cameras, I have a better support system than most surgeons do. The sort of technology we take for granted in car or aviation safety, or even to assess sports team performance is really lacking in surgery today. What we need is a digital safety net. And that is what care syntax is striving to provide. Over the last few decades, surgery has evolved from you know, originally open heart surgery to minimally invasive and more recently robotic surgery. But the future of surgery is data driven, and precision focused. Caresyntax provides value programs that can support providers in their clinical, operational and financial objectives. perioperative efficiency, surgeon engagement and retention, clinical effectiveness and revenue insurance programs utilize pre post and interpretive data processed by the Carson tax platform. We utilize a four step process. Step one is to identify we benchmark hundreds of data points from on time starts to surgical site infections, to post surgical complication rates. Step two we diagnose. So using Caresyntax's proprietary unstructured video data. alongside other sources of data both inside and outside of the operating room, were able to diagnose the root cause of any variability. Step three is to implement the Caresyntax team worked with the surgical team to implement best practice into clinical workflow. And step four is to sustain providing continual data risk analytics and AI support tools to embed best practice and continued quality improvements. Caresyntax in collaboration with its CO development partners, utilizes AI support tools, tools, such as clip assistance tools that can indicate the safest time and a procedure to apply clip to motion based analytics that can just differentiate between the most experienced surgeon to another surgeon. The scope for AI and machine learning and surgery is absolutely huge. Unfortunately, since the COVID pandemic, hospitals are suffering from an acute staffing shortage. In particular, when it comes to perioperative nursing staff. surgical teams are often reliant on local or inexperienced nurses and as a result case lengths are increasing and operating room is room capacity is reducing right at the time when waiting less than never been longer. This is why in collaboration with Intel Caresyntax has developed turn by turn guidance for nursing staff. Using real time machine learning algorithms, we're able to provide guidance on procedural steps and surgeon preferences. Caresyntax delivers strong return on investment to all our stakeholders. These include the hospitals or surgery centers, insurers, med techs, and of course the patient. Surgeons and surgical teams will always be the primary user of the Caresyntax platform. Using risk you know, motion based analytics tools, a surgeon is able to improve their own technical skill as well as train others. We also have CX Connect, which can provide remote support for surgeons during surgery. Insurance companies both payers and liability insurers can utilize the Caresyntax platform and the data it provides to better assess risk and process claims. In the near term insurance will be priced based on the quality of the underlying provider and claims processing timelines. will be reduced from weeks as they are today to a matter of hours. medtechs and tech companies can use the data we provide to unlock the surgical black box. This will enable real world evidence programs and product differentiation. And finally, patients are at the heart of everything we do in the future Caresyntax a world where care is more available and affordable for all and patients are able to utilize data to make decisions about their own care settings. Caresyntax is the only vendor neutral end to end platform and surgery. We don't focus on one module. Instead, we provide a suite of tools that is really able to drive the insights needed to improve quality and safety and surgery. Caresyntax is already in use in over 3 million surgeries a year. And some of our customers include the most innovative hospitals across the world, APHP in Paris, UK Bon in Germany, as well as UHS and Ascension in the US. We're also very proud of the partnerships we've forged with companies such as Raliance, Intel, CMR Surgical and B Braun to name a few. And we've piloted our technology with the American Board of surgery to work on video based assessments for accreditation of surgeons. Caresyntax was founded by Dennis Cogan and beyond some phones, Siemens, and they have been working for 10 years now to strive towards their vision of the future surgery. They've built out an exceptional leadership team who bring a wealth of experience from backgrounds such as Hilrom, Intuitive Surgical, Philips to name a few. With your support, the team at Caresyntax truly believes the future of surgery is smarter and safer for all. Thank you

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