Christina Pedersen Presents Triple Ring Technologies at LSI Europe '23

Triple Ring Technologies is a co-development company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Boston, Toronto, and Copenhagen.
Christina Pedersen
Christina Pedersen
Chief of Staff/VP of Projects, Triple Ring Technologies



Christina Pedersen  0:01  
Welcome, everybody. And we have some exciting companies to present in this next hour. So, welcome. I am Christina Peterson. I come from a company called Triple Ring Technologies. We're a Silicon Valley based product development companies or CO development companies company. We stand side by side with innovators and entrepreneurs to bring products to market. We like to have skin in the game, so we usually partner with the innovators and take on a little bit of equity so that we share the incentives. We have quite a big headquarter in in Silicon Valley, California. We have offices in Boston. We have some in Toronto, and I am myself from Copenhagen where we have a small office for Europe. So that's triple ring. I have some companies that I will introduce one after the other. So I hope that you're excited to hear the first one I'd like to invite to the stage is Liz McGloughlin, a CEO of Tympany Medical. Welcome Liz.

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