Bruce Lichorowic, Galen Robotics | Interview at LSI Europe '23

Galen Robotics is a Digital-Surgery-as-a-Service (DSaaS) combining the power of a new microsurgery platform with a system of big data analytics and machine learning to provide advanced surgical assistance in performing delicate or intricate procedures.
Bruce Lichorowic
Bruce Lichorowic
President & CEO, Galen Robotics



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My name's Bruce Lichorowic and I'm here representing Galen Robotics. The Galen Robot, what it does, it holds the existing instrument that the surgeon already owns. So what we're doing basically is offering power steering, to those tools that are already on the table already in the OR. And the way hospitals are set up today, you know, big capex expenditures are really going to be a thing of the past. So we're launching the digital service surgery as a service. But we build ours more from a from a SaaS style company. My background is SaaS, and I come from high tech, so I'm basically a cross over CEO, we're able to hit the market quickly. We just got our FDA de novo grant. Last month, we also have two orders already. Based on that model, we feel part of our success is because of LSI. The people that we meet just at breakfast. What's interesting about this conferences versus others, is I have just as many meetings running into people in the hallway as I do scheduling. So even though I may not have many meetings scheduled to come here, I completely fills up my day by just running with people and having to sideline conversations because you bring those people here, the really good ones here. And it's not like just a rerun set whether other conferences bring in so huge fans. Plan to come to all of them plan on hopefully being a speaker, you know, planning doing those things with you guys. So you guys have been really really helpful to our success for sure.


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