Anton Vorobev Presents Dr. Jay at LSI Europe '23

Dr. Jay is developing real-time diagnostics and personalized treatment platform for mental health and well-being.
Anton Vorobev
Anton Vorobev
CEO, Dr. Jay



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Hi everyone, Dr. Jay's an opportunity that I found a couple of years ago. And that started from a personal journey, and the journey. It's where I met some great experts in psychiatry psychology. And that's where I met my co founder, who is an expert in generative AI in predictive AI in relation to language and mental health. And I bring experience as a medtech entrapreneur in a CFO. And let's look at Ryan, who is been feeling sad and lost for a couple of days. As days turn into weeks, Ryan starts feeling lonely because they start going out seeing their friends less. And at some point, they decide, they might need some help. They talk with their friends, and they tell well, Brian, you're not crazy, only crazy people would go to a psychiatrist. In a couple of weeks, they still feel they need to overcome that stigma and see someone. And that's where they see that to see a psychiatrist would need to wait three months. So in the end, they have to pay out of pocket to see someone faster, and to get some sort of diagnosis. While imagine, Ryan does see a psychiatrist, and psychiatrist tells Ryan, it's looks like more moderate depression, we have different options. And that's where it feels like the journey would end. But it's actually the only the beginning. Because he is now faced. They're now now faced with psychologists with more than 20 different approaches. pharmacotherapy, hundreds of self help books, meditation, yoga retreats, and all the potential alternative therapies they could overtake. So Ryan is not alone. In this problem. One four of the people worldwide suffer from mental health diseases, and more than half of them don't receive any formal diagnosis. And more than 60% of them don't receive any kind of treatment. And this leads to a huge market. And this leads to a search of solutions. And one of the solutions being digital health, mental health solutions. And because of this urgency, they are expected to grow three times within the next couple of years. Our mission to Dr. Jay is to provide real time diagnostics and personalized treatment for mental health and well being. Were using digital biomarkers to access real time diagnostics of mental health conditions. We monitor these conditions as the person over goes over personalized treatment with research validated interventions and specific therapeutic interventions. And we provide this data back to mental health professionals or general practitioners that follow up with a patient. So in more concrete terms, how we do it. So there's the devices, the devices, I don't have my phone with me, but basically 90% of the time, you would have your phone with you. And your phone knows more about you than you're willing to admit. We'll be taking some of this data to provide a predictive analytics of your mental health state. And we will assign you to research validated intervention. For example, if we see that you're feeling anxious, we might propose your breathing technique. And then if this breathing technique would work for you, we might provide some other mindfulness techniques, then if we see that it's not working for your you're not going back to the app, we would have to propose you something different. So this adaptation would go in real time because in mental health, we all have different needs and different preferences. Our business model is based on subscription model, and we are targeting insurances as Dr. Jay is provides a strong value proposition for their clients. We also would also target clients directly and we will target a b2b segment as there is several problems now, commonly sometimes named as great resignation. And we also see Digital Health Reimbursement trends. And we see that European countries are adopting specific regulations for digital health reimbursement that in the US more and more, more and more devices and therapeutics are getting reimbursed through intermediary pathways and other pathways. In terms of our unique selling proposition, we use generative AI and predictive AI in order to provide diagnostics that is reliable, and treatment that is research based, and that is fully personalized to each of the individuals. And that, that allows us to make it affordable in comparison to traditional therapy, when you will be seeing your psychologist psychiatrist every every week or two. So we have launched and tested our first intervention, and more than three fourths of people reported feeling better, even after just a single interaction with the platform. And we collected two years of data of more than 500 patients, and received 75% accuracy for depression prediction. And this is just using background data from your phone. So basically, not asking any additional questions or any additional information other than the data that you're carrying in your pocket. So our next step is collecting the full data set to improve the accuracy of the algorithm releasing the first user friendly version of an app for mobile devices and applying for regulatory pathways and reimbursement. Currently, we're raising a 4 million euro seed round with the main goals of getting the data set, getting the full data set for for the prediction algorithm of releasing and iOS app, submitting the FDA backthrough application and developing a clinical validation program to solidly prove the efficacy and efficiency of the treatment provided by by the platform. So thank you very much for following us on this journey. I thank you all and very excited to share it with you

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