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Spine - Emerging Medical Technologies Report

Published January 2009 | 241 Pages |


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This 200+ page report includes details on 106 companies with technology applications in Spine who have presented at an LSI Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight meeting or have been identified by LSI's in-house research team from 2004 thru 2009.

All companies include technology, market(s), key executive, and contact information.

Two- to three-page executive summaries are provided on all of the companies. Executive summaries typically include:

• Company Contact Information
• Company Overview (structure, size, year founded, etc.)
• Competitive Landscape
• Technological Advantage
• Stage of Development
• Target Markets
• Financial Summary and Sales Forecasts
• Financing & Partnering Needs
• IP Position & Status
• Management Team
• Exit Strategy
• More

Coverage includes innovations in Spine.

This report is included in LSI's Emerging Medical Technologies® Database.

Table of Contents


- Synthetic alternatives to autograft/cadaver-based bone material
- Surgical hemostat as an adherent matrix/impermeable barrier to blood flow
- Bone augmentation material for injections in osteoporotic spines to treat vertebral compression fractures
- Soft tissue attachment nanotechnology
- Bioactive/biocompatible/osteoconductive synthetic bone filler
- Biodegradable fiberglass fiber & composites
- Lumbar cage with integrated fixation screws
- Pedicle screw product line
- Access systems and implants for use in minimally invasive surgery (MIS)
- Cartilage implant for the knee
- Injectable cell therapy for the spinal disc/nucleus
- Bone graft extender to treat spinal deformities
- Xenograft/allograft stabilizing and terminal sterilization technologies for sports medicine and spine/neurology implantable devices
- Wireless neurostimulation device to treat refractory chronic pain - 100 times smaller than current technology and injectable via a minimally invasive hypodermic needle
- Unique spine functional testing that delivers improved surgical outcomes
- Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a) inhibitor therapy for treatment of chronic persistent radiculopathy (including sciatica) related to disc herniation
- Truly minimally invasive or open system utilizing a proprietary uni-axial screw at one-half the cost of poly-axial systems for all spine disorders
- Totally implantable pumps delivering targeted medications directly to the spinal cord
- Tissue repair devices exploiting shear force transfer and large-interface substrates for adherent new tissue formation
- Tissue fixation implants, injectable bone grafting biomaterials, and tissue scaffolds with drug releasing properties
- Telemeterized natural motion elastomer disc
- Technology that prepares the spinal disc for a nucleus replacement/minimally invasive fusion device
- Technologies that integrate bone and cartilage forming peptide and small molecule therapies with osteostimulating matrices
- Target-specific recombinant human protein focused on spinal fusion surgery
- Synthetic bone that duplicates the microstructure, composition, and performance of human bone
- Stable and extractable self locking intramedullary nails and proximal femoral fixation
- Spinal implants, cervical, thoracolumbar, interbody, bone substitutes, motion preservation
- Spinal implants utilizing elastomeric polymers for non-fusion treatment of disc degeneration
- Spinal cage with dynamic stabilization/MIS placement (3mm access) and easily revisable
- Shoulder Fixation System that generates ultrasonic energy for knotless suture welding in shoulder surgery
- Shielded reciprocating tissue sculpturing instrument, able to navigate into neural foramen to relieve nerve compression
- Second-generation, viscoelastic artificial disc restoring native function to the spine
- Revisable cervical and lumbar total disc replacement that can be converted to fusion
- Resorbable hydrogel that 1-Seals annular tears in the intervertebral disc and 2-Provides an environment for nucleus regeneration
- Real-time image-guidance technology with an FDA-accepted accuracy claim of +/-1mm at 1 meter
- Rapid table-mounted retraction/surgical site access for MIS placement of hip/knee/shoulder/spine implants
- Protein free induction of endochondral ossification, no human origin, not contagious, no soft tissue ossification
- Precise miniature robotic technology for spine, knee, orthopedic, and neurosurgery minimally invasive procedures - SmartAssist
- Posterior lumbar arthroplasty system consisting of an artificial lumbar disc and a posterior dynamic stabilizer
- Porcine-derived tissue devices for ligament, cartilage, bone, and soft tissue replacement and augmentation
- Polymer-based/biodegradable/drug-eluting peripheral vascular stent for tibial and infrapopliteal arteries
- Phase II drug/device combo product for bone regeneration in orthopedic and perio/oral surgery
- Percutaneous interventional devices to treat common spinal diseases, such as lumbar spinal stenosis
- P-15: a small peptide attachment factor for bone formation in orthopedics
- Orthopedic products, specifically for upper and lower extremity small bone applications
- Nucleus replacement product based on an injectable, flexible, and durable protein hydrogel technology
- Nucleus replacement device
- Non-surgical/injectable tissue revitalization and stabilization to address lower back pain (LBP) and the underlying problem of mechanical insufficiency
- Noninvasive, ambulatory, portable, 3-D traction technology providing an effective and unique therapy for spinal disorders
- Non-invasive restorative treatments for the low back and neck
- Noninvasive device used in the differential diagnosis of disc or facet mediated low back pain
- Non-invasive continuous measurement of tissue oxygenation for various intraoperative and post-operative applications
- Non-fusion spinal solutions that control segmental motion/maintain the neutral zone simultaneously
- Nitric oxide-based therapies to accelerate healing of tendon, bone, and other musculoskeletal tissue
- Next-generation fusion, motion sparing, and minimally invasive spinal implant products
- Next-generation estrogen-based drug-eluting coronary stent and an orthopedics/sports injury pain management device
- Nanotechnologies for use in orthopedic implants, dental implants, and stents
- Nanolayer surface technology to improve the osteoconductive/bio-resistant/anti-infective attributes of implants
- MRI-guided laser ablation system for targeted, minimally invasive, focal tumor therapy
- Motion preservative artificial disc
- Mobile Spinal Disc, P.E.E.K cages, pedicle screw system, and hip resurfacing
- MIS platform technologies for creating cavities in tissue and partially molding an orthopedic implant in situ
- Minimally-invasive therapy for herniated discs; it allows nuclear regeneration
- Minimally invasive percutaneous neuromodulation pain therapy
- Minimally invasive dynamic stabilization device
- Minimally invasive disc replacement for chronic back pain
- Magnesium-based compound that will attach bone to bone and ligaments and tendons to bone
- Lumbar, thoracic, and cervical fusion devices including less invasive instrumentation; lumbar and cervical artificial discs
- Lumbar system for dynamic stabilization without fusion, artificial discs, and minimally invasive surgery systems
- Lumbar spine motion preservation via dynamic stabilization utilizing a semi-rigid rod and screw system
- Lumbar dynamic stabilization with MIS compatibility and pedicle screws
- Lightweight brace support suit that restores mobility function for paraplegics/lower limb paralysis patients
- Least invasive approach for the delivery of lumbar fusion and motion preservation therapies
- Interspinous process implant to treat Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS)
- Intelligent 3DHD visualization and guidance platform for ophthalmic, cranial, and spine surgeries
- Minimally invasive fusion system
- Injectable gels for localized and controlled release of biologicals
- Implanted oscillating field stimulation device which regenerates acute and sub-acute damaged spinal cord nerve tissue
- Highly reimbursable orthopedic rehabilitation durable medical equipment
- High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for minimally invasive thermal treatment of disc herniation without disc penetration
- Growth factor and biomaterial addressing the needs of spinal fusion, osteochondral defects, osteoarthritis, dental medicine, and other indications
- Gene-based products and fusionless instrumentation for the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders
- Fusion technology platforms and second-generation artificial discs for the lumbar and cervical spine
- Fusion and non-fusion products
- Fluidjet devices for open and MIS fusion, discectomy, artificial nucleus, and artificial disc procedures
- Facet fixation system that is a less-invasive/faster alternative to pedicle screw fixation
- Endotracheal tube with video, self-locking orthopedic implants, structured TPN lipids, cell therapy for cancer, etc.
- Electronic device that closes the gap between drugs and surgery in osteoarthritis of the knee
- Dynamic Stabilization System for use in the spine
- Drug/device products for post-operative pain and orthopedic drug delivery indications using syntinate synthetic absorbables
- Drug product for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury, cancer, macular degeneration, and glaucoma
- Devices for mechanically induced bone growth, together with a "smart device" system for risk management
- Device for treating slow healing foot wounds, primarily diabetic foot ulcers
- Conservative Motion Preservation technology including minimally invasive facet joint replacement
- Compliant artificial lumbar disc with graduated modulus for restoration of normal spine biomechanics/enhanced durability
- Clinical expertise, facility development, new technology, and business services including marketing and contracting
- Ceramic components for spine, orthopaedic, and other implant needs
- Cellular implants for orthopedic, trauma, and spinal applications based on a biological form stable matrix
- Catheter-based technology for orthopedic trauma indications providing site-specific tissue drainage and drug delivery
- Bioresorbable polymer surgical implants designed to prevent/reduce the formation of post-operative adhesions
- Bioresorbable polymer implants for use in a variety of orthopedics and spine surgical applications
- Biomaterials-based product that augments or replaces the diseased nucleus pulposus of the spinal disc
- Biomaterial that regulates resorbability and enhances bone regeneration
- Biocellulose technology that eliminates the risks/complications/limitations inherent in animal, human, and synthetic
- Bioactive synthetic bone graft substitute that is osteostimulative, osteoconductive, antimicrobial, and hemostatic
- Autologous adult stem cell technology, cultured from the nasal passageway, to repair damage resulting from spinal cord injury
- Arthroplasty System, spinal implants technology
- Advanced wheelchair technologies
- Advance and commercialize less invasive spinal deformity surgical treatment without fusion
- A resorbable plating system for cervical fusions allowing for load sharing
- A non-surgical, injectable treatment for resisting spinal curvature in scoliosis
- A liquid hydrogel wound dressing able to cure rapidly and in situ
- A biological and mechanical solution to annular repair and spine fusion
- A bioactive ceramic that delivers better/faster spine fusion and bone repair
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