October Emerging Medical Technologies Report

Published January 2012 | 10 Pages | 19 Exhibits |

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This report includes details on 19 emerging medical technology companies that have been identified by LSI's in-house research team in October 2012.

All companies include technology, market(s), key executive, and contact information.

Coverage includes innovations in a broad spectrum of medical technology areas including:
- Aesthetics/Dermatology Companies
- Biomaterials Companies
- Biotechnology/Cell Therapy Companies
- Cardiovascular Companies
- Dental Companies
- Diagnostics Companies
- Drug Delivery Companies
- Endocrine Companies
- Gastroenterology Companies
- Gynecology/Women's Health Companies
- Imaging Companies
- Neurology Companies
- Oncology Companies
- Ophthalmology Companies
- Orthopedics Companies
- Pain Management Companies
- Patient Management/Monitoring Companies
- Pharmaceutical Companies
- Respiratory Companies
- Spine Companies
- Surgery Companies
- Urology Companies
- Vascular Companies
- Wound Management Companies

This report is included in LSI's Emerging Medical Technologies® Database.

Table of Contents


•An efficacious, durable, cost-effective, and safe alternative to surgical renal denervation for the treatment of hypertension and other diseases caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system
•Human membrane allograft for surgical use, derived from the inner lining of the placenta
•Molecular diagnostic (MDx) technologies including: 1-Near-point-of-care (POC) platform that can analyze for dozens of infectious diseases in one rapid, self-contained, simple-to-use, and low-cost test; 2-Multiplex panel assays; and 3-Rapid sample preparation methodologies for customizable DNA/RNA extraction and purification
•System that measures motion and analyzes shifts in attention state, to objectively and accurately assess the severity of three core symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity
•Wound covering products, derived from amniotic tissue, for a broad range of clinical applications: 1-A patch for use in vivo to provide a physical barrier to protect tendons and nerves at the surgical site and 2-A liquid for use in vivo to fill soft tissue defects
•Devices that provide simple and effective local delivery of therapeutic agents to inhibit and treat active infections around surgical implants
•Custom-fit orthotic that provides stability and movement assistance to weakened muscles without the use of powered mechanisms, to help individuals with severe mobility impairments to be more mobile, independent, and confident
•Technology that enables surgeons to place stitches in very tight joint compartments, while protecting sensitive surrounding structures such as nerves, arteries, and cartilage
•Fully automated pill crusher which turns even the hardest pills into a fine powder, with the simple push of a button
•Next-generation multiplexing system that leverages advances in silicon photonics technology to: reduce or eliminate sample preparation, provide scalable multiplexing for both proteins and nucleic acids from a single small sample, and achieve excellent sensitivity
•Next-generation in vitro diagnostic systems that generate results at previously unseen levels of speed, sensitivity, and specificity
•3D cell-based assays to create better in vitro prediction of complex biochemical responses, with a focus on evaluation of drug toxicity and efficacy prior to use in human clinical trials
•A new class of drugs based on advancements in synthetic modified messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules
•A self-contained, leadless cardiac pacemaker system to eliminate the leads and surgical pocket required by conventional pacemakers, thereby removing the associated complications of infection and mechanical lead failure
•Unique multi-target approach to reducing pathologic deposits of misfolded proteins, for the treatment and prevention of chronic neurodegenerative diseases
•Orthodontic treatment system that enables doctors to pro-actively plan tooth movement on digital models and customize prescriptive archwires for precise and efficient treatment, while reducing treatment time by 34%
•Technology to identify and purify egg precursor cells (EggPCs), thereby improving egg quality and increasing the success of in vitro fertilization (IVF)
•Technologies and services to support and simplify human cell reprogramming, growth, and differentiation
•Next-generation platform and extension products that greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the isolation and capture of purified stem and progenitor cells that are resident within normal blood or placental/cord blood, bone marrow, or adipose tissue

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