November Emerging Medical Technologies Report

Published January 2012 | 18 Pages | 30 Exhibits |


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This report includes details on 30 emerging medical technology companies that have been identified by LSI's in-house research team in November 2012.

All companies include technology, market(s), key executive, and contact information.

Coverage includes innovations in a broad spectrum of medical technology areas including:
- Aesthetics/Dermatology Companies
- Biomaterials Companies
- Biotechnology/Cell Therapy Companies
- Cardiovascular Companies
- Dental Companies
- Diagnostics Companies
- Drug Delivery Companies
- Endocrine Companies
- Gastroenterology Companies
- Gynecology/Women's Health Companies
- Imaging Companies
- Neurology Companies
- Oncology Companies
- Ophthalmology Companies
- Orthopedics Companies
- Pain Management Companies
- Patient Management/Monitoring Companies
- Pharmaceutical Companies
- Respiratory Companies
- Spine Companies
- Surgery Companies
- Urology Companies
- Vascular Companies
- Wound Management Companies

This report is included in LSI's Emerging Medical Technologies® Database.

Table of Contents


•A new inhaled drug to prevent the progression of, or reverse, both adult and pediatric pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)
•Small-molecule drugs for the treatment of hormone-dependent cancers, which have become resistant to existing first-generation anti-hormonal agents
•Vascular access device that provides reliable, repeatable access with fewer complications, by allowing physicians to maintain access in an occluded vein and eliminate the need to compromise an additional vein
•Personalized and highly selective therapeutic compounds and combination therapies that target the molecular aberrations that cause cancer and the emerging resistance mechanisms that make it increasingly difficult to treat
•New generation of biopharmaceuticals, based on engineered human proteases, that can provide higher efficacy and lowered dosing
•Best-in-class protein-based drugs, with a lead candidate that is specifically designed for topical ophthalmic administration to treat ocular diseases including dry eye and severe ocular allergy
•Next-generation anti-depressant drug designed to improve efficacy and address the leading causes of drug discontinuation
•Best-in-class intra-articular (IA) drugs that address unmet medical needs in osteoarthritis (OA) treatment and are delivered to the site of the disease for sustained delivery
•Safe and effective vaccines for the treatment of infectious diseases, especially in emerging economies
•Next-generation aerosol delivery system for direct-access of high-dose lung disease drugs, including anti-infectives, biotherapeutics, and cytotoxics, as an alternative to intravenous administration
•Next-generation antibiotics, with an IV-to-oral step down option, to help address the global problem of emerging infections caused by multi-drug resistant (MDR) organisms
•Revolutionary disposable product to rapidly and painlessly close deep wounds, such as lacerations and surgical incisions, as an alternative to sutures, staples, tissue adhesives, and other wound closure products
•Device to prevent maternal pelvic damage during childbirth
Real-time, easy-to-use, non-radioactive, and cost-effective monitoring of kidney function
•A triple reuptake inhibitor to treat adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that provides improved efficacy and reduced drug abuse liability
•Highly customizable force measurement devices to improve diagnosis and more safely and effectively treat patients suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI), with the potential for other surgical applications as well
•Non-invasive treatments that destroy solid tumors of advanced-stage skin cancers
•Dental implants that merge proprietary nanotechnology materials with human cell biology, for greater short- and long-term stability with minimally invasive techniques, as an alternative to traditional systems
•Synthetic bone in the form of a cotton ball with elasticity and resilience, that is able to fill in to any part where bone is deficient, regardless of the position and size, in a short time, and with absolute accuracy, while avoiding defluxion
•Topical eye drop for the treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, and potentially diabetic macular edema (DME)
•Tools and anesthetic regimens which will allow tympanostomy procedures to be performed outside of an operating room, thereby eliminating the risk of general anesthesia and reducing the costs associated with surgery
•Minimally invasive devices to address the unmet clinical need for improved complex (bifurcated) aneurysm therapy
•Disruptive cancer treatment technique with the ability to treat tumors without surgery, general chemotherapy, and radiotherapy
•Full-line of transfusion diagnostic products, including: 1-ABO Rh blood typing reagents; 2-a range of monoclonal rare antisera; 3-a range of reagent red blood cells; 4-enhancement media; and 5-specialty products
•A new drug class with the diversity and specificity of antibodies, coupled with the many benefits of small molecules, to address protein-protein interactions and other previously undruggable targets
•A less invasive approach to carpal tunnel surgery (CTS) designed to minimize surgical trauma, scarring, post-operative pain, and patient recovery time
•Surgical robotic platform with Adjustable Remote Center of Motion (ARCM) technology, to bring safe, reliable, customized, and affordable robotics to the operating theater
•Proprietary botanical pharmaceuticals derived from East Indian Sandalwood oil (EISO) for safe, painless, and scarless treatment of viral diseases that are also effective in eliminating reoccurrence
•New class of small molecule glycan-targeted drugs to address substantial unmet needs, including: lysosomal storage, oncology, inflammation, and other diseases
•Closure product for large incision surgeries such as cesarean and hysterectomy, that reduces adhesions, tissue damage, and operative time

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