Opportunities in Global Neuromodulation Markets

Published January 2019 | 41 Pages | 9 Exhibits | Forecasts Through 2023


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Coverage in this report includes a detailed analysis of the current and forecast markets for neuromodulation technologies. 

  • Current Market Size & Forecast
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Supplier Revenues & Market Shares
  • Current & Emerging Technologies
  • Market Trends & Opportunities
  • Plus More


Competitors Covered:

  • Abbott
  • Boston Scientific
  • Cochlear
  • LivaNova
  • MED-EL
  • Medtronic
  • Nevro
  • NovoCure
  • Sonova
  • Others

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Market by Clinical Application 

Market by Geography 


Markets by Technology 



1.1 Neurostimulators 

1.1.1 Spinal Cord Stimulators 

1.1.2 Deep Brain Stimulation 

1.1.3 Sacral Nerve Stimulation 

1.1.4 Vagus Nerve Stimulation

1.1.5 Other Nerve Stimulation

1.1.6 Neurostimulation Supplier Shares

1.2 Cochlear Implants 

1.3 Supplier Shares 

1.4 Market by Geography


List of Exhibits

Summary Exhibit 1: Global MD&D Market by Major Technology Segment, 2018 and 2023

Summary Exhibit 2: MD&D Market by Major Clinical Application, 2018

Summary Exhibit 3: Geographic Distribution of Global MD&D Market, 2017-2023

Summary Exhibit 4: Distribution of Global MD&D Market, by Geography and Development Level, 2017-2023 

Summary Exhibit 5: Estimated MD&D Sales of Major Suppliers, 2015-2018


Exhibit 1: Overview of Neuromodulation Technologies and Applications

Exhibit 2: Neuromodulation Technologies, Global Market by Major Segment, 2017-2023

Exhibit 3: Neurostimulation Technologies, Global Market by Major Segment, 2017-2023

Exhibit 4: Global Neuromodulation Market, Supplier Shares, 2018

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